Full list of topics and authors of WHO RF-EMF systematic reviews


Martin Röösli has to be commended for his fairness and openness. Unlike Emilie van Deventer, who lectured me on virtue of patience, Martin Röösli has provided me with not secret link to PROSPERO database (search: RF-EMF) where protocols for all … Continue reading

Overwhelming power of ICNIRP opinions through backing from GSMA, MWF & telecoms: WHO and governmental agencies, like ARPANSA, BfS, TNO, STUK et al., meekly follow and disseminate misinformation on 5G millimeter-waves’ safety research


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In 2020, ICNIRP has published an updated safety guidelines for EMF exposures that consider solely thermal effects of radiation exposure as the source of any health effects. In ICNIRP’s opinion, prevention of thermal effects, by the currently used safety limits, … Continue reading

From Australia on EU REFLEX Project and Alexander Lerchl, by Vic Leach and Steve Weller of ORSAA


This is Guest Opinion from ORSAA members Vic Leach and Steve Weller: The REFLEX project (2000-2004) was the early warning signs to industry that we are possible dealing with a carcinogenic agent in wireless communication. In fact, the WHO International … Continue reading

Article from the WHO EMF Project – full of bias and oddities creating more questions than giving answers


…this post was updated ,with a notice, on Dec. 22, 2020… WHO EMF Project preparation of the review of the science related to health effects of RF-EMF is severely delayed. It was planned to happen after the publication of the … Continue reading

Secretiveness of dealings on RF and health (GLORE 2020)


…post was updated and revised in response to comment from Eric van Rongen… In a very interesting news post, Louis Slesin of the Microwave News, reminded that the secretive dealings are part of the RF-arena [emphasis added DL]: “…Government and … Continue reading

Pall, Firstenberg and the ‘silent enablers’ are responsible for the current 5G storm


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…this is a longer blog, hopefully worth your time to read to the end… For over 20 years I have been doing hands-on research on the effects of RF-EMF on biological systems and for over 20 years I was arguing … Continue reading