Nothing personal but… shoddy science makes another physicist to advise Martin L. Pall


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Because of its importance, I am posting here, in full, comment submitted today by Leendert Vriens of . The message from Leendert Vriens was sent to Martin Pall already on June 14, 2021. ******************** On June 14 I [Leendert … Continue reading

The so-called ‘Scientific Consensus International Report’ by Belpomme and 31 co-authors is a perpetuation of poor quality research and scientific data, with the hope that when repeated again and again it will become a “better science”


There are strange things happening in EMF research that those not involved in might wonder and not understand. Two groups of scientists, with entirely opposing views on interpretation of the available scientific evidence, claim to represent the current consensus opinions … Continue reading

5G Deployment: it is like being in the midst of the forest fire, and the fireman asks: do we need any water?


Wireless communication is here for already several decades. Radiation-emitting base stations are deployed throughout the environment where humans, users of wireless communication, reside. International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection, the self-proclaimed decider of what is safe and what is not, … Continue reading