Slides of the lectures that I presented in recent yearsmore updates to come

Leszczynski at Nelson, New Zealand, Nov. 29, 2019 (Leszczynski New Zealand Lecture Nelson November 2019)

Leszczynski at the Victoria University of Wellington, Nov. 27, 2019 (Leszczynski New Zealand Lecture Wellington November 2019).

Leszczynski at the Iona College, Hawke’s Bay, Nov. 24, 2019 (Leszczynski Hawke’s Bay New Zealand November 2019).

Leszczynski New Zealand Lectures November 2019 Lecture at the Auckland University, Nov. 19, 2019.

Leszczynski on 5G and Health, Helsinki, Finland 15 October 2019

Leszczynski Invited Opening Lecture at Mainz 4 October 2019

Leszczynski Cell Phone Radiation and Health Gaps in the Knowledge at Georges River, NSW, Australia Sept 15 2019

Invited Lecture Wireless Radiation and Health The case for the Precautionary Principle for the current and the future 5G & IoT technology, Seoul South Korea, Aug. 2018

Cell Phone Radiation and Health Gaps in the Knowledge, Seoul, South Korea Aug. 2018

Leszczynski on Precautionary Principle at AOCRP5, Melbourne, Australia, May 22 2018

Leszczynski on 5G mmWaves and health at AOCRP5 Melbourne, Australia, May 22 2018

Leszczynski at EMERG meeting at ARPANSA, Melbourne, Australia, May 8 2018

Wireless Radiation and Health The Past The Present and The Future, Helsinki, Finland, Nov. 2017

Leszczynski FINAL Griffith University Brisbane, Australia, 17 August 2017

updated Leszczynski Newcastle, Australia Lecture 15 August 2017

Final ARPS2017 Between a Rock and a Hard Place, Wolloogong, Australia, 2017








Leszczynski University of Melbourne Australia December 11 2015

Leszczynski MonashU, Melbourne December 9 2015

Leszczynski UNSW Sydney Australia November 27 2015

Leszczynski EMANET Mersin Turkey Wireless Communication and Health Future of the Research and Precautionary Principle Nov 13 2015

Wireless Communication and Health Future of the Research

Presentation in Fiskars Finland

MUMBAI September 2014

INDIA September 2014

Ethical and Conflict of Interest issues in Bioelectromagnetics

DL presentation FELO, Oslo, March 2014

DL slides Kauniainen 25.03.2014

English Cell Phone Radiation, Health Risk and Precautionary Principle

2002 London Subtle termal Leszczynski



1 thought on “LECTURES (PDFs)

  1. Dear Mr. Leszczynski,

    May I your last presentation (Leszczynski at Nelson, New Zealand, Nov. 29, 2019) for informing purposes? I want to inform my local municipality about the knowledge about EMF/RFR and health risks in an effort to halt the (local) deployment of 5G.

    Could you also provide a text transcript of the presentation? In some parts (e.g. the examples/analogies) the info of the presentation is mainly conveyed via speech and not derivable from the document alone.

    With kind regards,

    Bas van der Veen

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