The (unmentioned) Risk of Bias (RoB) of the Systematic Review on RF-EMF and Cancer


Correction: this sentence was incorrect and is removed with my sincere apology: “This systematic review is a part of the ongoing WHO review of the science of RF-EMF and health.” Yesterday, been has published a systematic review ‘In vivo Studies … Continue reading


Full list of topics and authors of WHO RF-EMF systematic reviews


Martin Röösli has to be commended for his fairness and openness. Unlike Emilie van Deventer, who lectured me on virtue of patience, Martin Röösli has provided me with not secret link to PROSPERO database (search: RF-EMF) where protocols for all … Continue reading

Secretiveness of dealings on RF and health (GLORE 2020)


…post was updated and revised in response to comment from Eric van Rongen… In a very interesting news post, Louis Slesin of the Microwave News, reminded that the secretive dealings are part of the RF-arena [emphasis added DL]: “…Government and … Continue reading

Part 3 – positive news on: An Open Message to ICNIRP’s Eric van Rongen and Rodney Croft


Response from Rodney Croft, Chairman of ICNIRP is coming soon… See also: An Open Message to ICNIRP’s Eric van Rongen and Rodney Croft Part 2 of: An Open Message to ICNIRP’s Eric van Rongen and Rodney Croft There is not yet available … Continue reading

Leszczynski: There is something utterly wrong with the ICNIRP membership


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…this blog has been updated on Sept. 11th and on Sept. 23rd image was added… Why opinions in reviews of EMF science written by non-ICNIRP scientists at the request of telecom industry are different/contradictory to reviews of the same science … Continue reading

Interesting post on anti-5G demonstrations in Australia by Don Maisch


Don Maisch of EMFacts, published post ‘Beware of “False Flag” anti-5G demonstrations‘, warning that not everything what appears to be done by the anti-5G movement might be, in reality, not being done by the anti-5G activist movement… Some might say … Continue reading