Slides of all Leszczynski lectures in Melbourne, Nov. 2016


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UPDATE: missing narrative text in slides presenting Quanta app measuring radiation exposures, in slides presented for SSMA and ARPANSA, was added on 21.11.2016 Slides of the SSMA presentation on Sunday, Nov. 20, 2016 (updated 21.11.2016) leszczynski-ssma-lecture-nov-2016 Slides of presentation at … Continue reading

Telecom in USA: A “YUGE” Conflict of Interest Problem


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Three cases of telecoms Conflict of Interest (CoI): case Berkeley, case FCC and case ICES –  the CoI were possibly disclosed but does it mean that CoI were nullified and avoided? Americans are very conscious about the potential Conflict of … Continue reading

Science Censorship in Australia: The retraction of the ABC TV Catalyst “Wi-Fried?”


As there are no perfect scientific studies, there are no perfect TV science programs. Every scientific study could be improved and every TV science program could be improved, too. The Australian ‘Catalyst’ program tackled the very controversial science dealing with … Continue reading

What next, after the election scandal at BEMS?


…comments are open for this post… …updated with post scriptum… In two earlier posts (the first, the second) I complained about the current election scandal at the Bioelectromagnetics Society (BEMS). I called for the cancellation of the “election” result. New, … Continue reading

Election scandal at the Bioelectromagnetics Society


Today, Friday, April 29th 2016 at 12:01:53 EEST I received, as all members of the Bioelectromagnetics Society (BEMS), e-mail message announcing the result of election for new President Elect and new Member of the Board. The message was as follows, … Continue reading