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Don Maisch:

Susan Foster:

Olli Tammilehto:

Mona Nilsson:

Mary Redmayne:

Olli Tammilehto:

Susan Foster:

Martin Röösli:

Stan Hartman:

Devra Davis:

Devra Davis:

Dariusz Leszczynski (as an exception):

Erja Tamminen:

Mike Repacholi:

Susan Foster:




1 thought on “GUEST BLOGS

  1. ICNIRP is having links with Industry since its inception.

    The Council of Europe says: “it is most curious, to say the least, that the applicable official threshold values for limiting the health impact of extremely low frequency electromagnetic fields and high frequency waves were drawn up and proposed to international political institutions (WHO, European Commission, governments) by the ICNIRP, an NGO whose origin and structure are none too clear and which is furthermore suspected of having rather close links with the industries whose expansion is shaped by recommendations for maximum threshold values for the different frequencies of electromagnetic fields”.[3]

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