Leszczynski slides from the Reykjavik presentation on Feb. 24, 2017


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Here are slides of my presentation in Reykjavik, Iceland: leszczynski-reykjavik-lecture-feb-2017 Advertisements

‘Letter to the Editor’ of the Bioelectromagnetics journal: A travesty of science


Bioelectromagnetics, a peer-review journal of the Bioelectromagnetics Society and the European Bioelectromagnetics Association has just published a ‘Letter to the Editor‘: Wiedemann PM, Boerner FU, Repacholi MH. Do people understand IARC’s 2B categorization of RF fields from cell phones? Bioelectromagnetics. … Continue reading

• VIVA Confusion!*


[ * to avoid potential additional confusion – the title of this blog is sarcastic, not what I like to see around] Recent IARC evaluation of mobile phone radiation potential to cause cancer and classification of it as a 2B … Continue reading