We need CONSENSUS, not another COMMISSION…


Today morning, Oct. 18, 2022, I received message from Devra Davis with a surprising and puzzling subject line “Major New Paper by International Commission on Wireless Technology Presents Case For Revision of Human Exposure Limits“. The puzzling part was this … Continue reading

Brief Report from BioEM 2021 in Ghent


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Report from the BioEM 2021 Ghent, Belgium, September 26 – 30. 2021 Dariusz Leszczynski (opinions presented in this report are solely of the author) Few topics out of many… 5G now and in the future ICNIRP and IEEE-ICES safety limits … Continue reading

Spanish translation of my BRHP blog published on March 22, 2021


My blog: Overwhelming power of ICNIRP opinions through backing from GSMA, MWF & telecoms: WHO and governmental agencies, like ARPANSA, BfS, TNO, STUK et al., meekly follow and disseminate misinformation on 5G millimeter-waves’ safety research …is now available in Spanish: … Continue reading

From Australia on EU REFLEX Project and Alexander Lerchl, by Vic Leach and Steve Weller of ORSAA


This is Guest Opinion from ORSAA members Vic Leach and Steve Weller: The REFLEX project (2000-2004) was the early warning signs to industry that we are possible dealing with a carcinogenic agent in wireless communication. In fact, the WHO International … Continue reading

Leszczynski: Statement on the need for validation of ICNIRP’s review of science


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The starting point to squash conspiracies and all forms of disinformation is to perform validation of the science review by ICNIRP, GSMA and MWF should consider the potential consequences of potentially incorrect scientific opinions provided by ICNIRP and followed by … Continue reading

Secretiveness of dealings on RF and health (GLORE 2020)


…post was updated and revised in response to comment from Eric van Rongen… In a very interesting news post, Louis Slesin of the Microwave News, reminded that the secretive dealings are part of the RF-arena [emphasis added DL]: “…Government and … Continue reading

Possible ‘censorship’ and certainly ‘cherry-picking’ of science in ‘Helsingin sanomat’, the major Finnish newspaper


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Helsingin sanomat is the major daily newspaper in Finland. Helsingin sanomat does not publish, as if by default, stories, opinions and science questioning the health safety of the radiation emitted by the wireless communication devices and their networks. For Helsingin … Continue reading