Leszczynski: Statement on the need for validation of ICNIRP’s review of science


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The starting point to squash conspiracies and all forms of disinformation is to perform validation of the science review by ICNIRP, GSMA and MWF should consider the potential consequences of potentially incorrect scientific opinions provided by ICNIRP and followed by … Continue reading

Secretiveness of dealings on RF and health (GLORE 2020)


…post was updated and revised in response to comment from Eric van Rongen… In a very interesting news post, Louis Slesin of the Microwave News, reminded that the secretive dealings are part of the RF-arena [emphasis added DL]: “…Government and … Continue reading

Possible ‘censorship’ and certainly ‘cherry-picking’ of science in ‘Helsingin sanomat’, the major Finnish newspaper


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Helsingin sanomat is the major daily newspaper in Finland. Helsingin sanomat does not publish, as if by default, stories, opinions and science questioning the health safety of the radiation emitted by the wireless communication devices and their networks. For Helsingin … Continue reading

US FDA 2020 Report on carcinogenicity of RF-EMF contradicts safety claims of ICNIRP


In February 2020 US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) published Report analyzing studies examining the possible causal link between RF-EMF and cancer. The anti-5G activists in their reading of the FDA Report have narrowly focused on Report’s dismissal of the … Continue reading

George Carlo comments on the RF part of the World Cancer Report 2020


In response to my yesterday’s blog post, critical of the evaluation of RF-related carcinogenicity in the World Cancer Report 2020 published by IARC, George Carlo has submitted a short comment. Because issues mentioned in the comment are of importance, I … Continue reading

World Cancer Day 2020: Laurier, Röösli & reviewers whitewash RF effects, with a twist


February 4, 2020 is the World Cancer Day. Hence, the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) has published the World Cancer Report and the Head of IARC, Dr. Elisabete Weiderpass, presented the Report in a video released on the … Continue reading