Cautionary words on Martin Pall’s claim that VGCC is the sole target and mechanism for all EMF effects


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[messages below were apparently published on internet in 2015; link, available here, I found accidentally by googling ‘Leszczynski + calcium + channels’, just a few days ago; until then I was not aware that my and others’ messages were publicly … Continue reading

Podcast on ‘5G and health’ on Australia’s triple j Hack by ABC radio


The short, 10 minutes (!?), podcast on 5G and health is out. Listen and let me know what do you think about this program? Comments, please! 5G topic at ca. 20:00 of the podcast Presented comments and opinions are … Continue reading

Guest Blog from Dr. Don Maisch, Australia: ‘Are community concerns over the 5G network rollout based on unfounded anxiety or valid evidence?’


Below is the next in a series of Guest Blogs on BRHP. The opinions expressed in this Guest Blog are of Don Maisch himself. Publication of these opinions in BRHP does not imply that BRHP automatically agrees with or endorses these … Continue reading

Journalists Miriam Fisher and Emma Beswick conveyed important 5G opinions in their news-stories


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For the last 17+ years I have been talking to journalists, a lot. At some times I was frustrated that my opinions were not conveyed in their exactness. Hence, I started to write this BRHP blog, to make sure that … Continue reading

ICNIRP Chairman, Eric van Rongen, clarifies issues from ‘The Telegraph’ interview


On March 3rd and 9th, 2019, British ‘The Telegraph’ has published two articles by Margi Murphy, US Technology Reporter, San Francisco, titled: Do smartphones cause cancer? World Health Organisation to assess brain tumour link and Mobile safety standards relaxed ahead … Continue reading

Leszczynski: key-note lecture on ‘5G & Health’ at the 2018 Korean EMF Workshop


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UPDATED with contact information of the workshop (see at the end of this post) At the invitation from Professor Nam Kim and Professor Jin-Kyu Byun, on 29th and 30th of August 2018, Dariusz Leszczynski will be speaking in Seoul, South … Continue reading