VIDEO of EHS WORKSHOP at the EU Parliament held on April 13, 2023


Below are videos and slides of presentations. French language video. English language video of the EHS workshop (French scientists spoke French and translation is not always best audio). Slides of all individual scientific presentations can be found here: [ATELIER] Hypersensibilité … Continue reading


April 13, 2023; WORKSHOP: Electro-Hyper-Sensitivity: The State of Science


Follow live on webstream: 👉 Electro-Hyper-Sensitivity: The State of Science an European Parliament Workshop hosted by MEP Michele Rivasi (Greens/EFA) Electromagnetic-Hyper-Sensitivity (EHS), also called Idiopathic Environmental Intolerance attributed to electromagnetic fields (IEI-EMF), is a condition defined by the attribution … Continue reading

The (unmentioned) Risk of Bias (RoB) of the Systematic Review on RF-EMF and Cancer


Correction: this sentence was incorrect and is removed with my sincere apology: “This systematic review is a part of the ongoing WHO review of the science of RF-EMF and health.” Yesterday, been has published a systematic review ‘In vivo Studies … Continue reading

Coming soon: Australian Podcast interview with Prof Dariusz Leszczynski


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It is coming in the first week of February…(February 1, 2023 at 10AM Brisbane time) It is a long interview (1.5 hours total recorded on October 18, 2022) on wireless radiation, health, safety guidelines, and precautions. In this rather long … Continue reading