IMPORTANT OPPORTUNITY: Experts’ Opinions in Radiation and Health (including 5G)

Journal Frontiers in Public Health, specialty of ‘Radiation and Health‘ has just announced new Research Topic dealing with radiation emitted by wireless communication devices and networks, including the 5G, that will be published in 2022.

It will consist solely of opinion or perspective articles. Submissions will be by invitation only, (hence, on the webpage of the research topic the submissions are marked as closed).

If you are an established expert interested in submitting an Opinion or Perspective article that is within the scope of the Research Topic (see below), please, contact Dariusz Leszczynski ( ) me directly with brief outline of your possible submission. At the journal discretion, there is a limited number of open access waivers (sorry, waivers are all used up…)

Opinions and Perspective articles are defined as:


Perspective articles present a viewpoint on a specific area of investigation. They should provide the following: 1) Discuss current advances and future directions, 2) Clear presentation of the authors’ perspective, 3) Accurate presentation and citations of other authors’ work, 4) May include original data as well as personal insights and opinions. Perspective articles are peer-reviewed, have a maximum word count of 3,000 and may contain no more than 2 Figures/Tables. Authors are required to pay a fee ( $1850 ) to publish a Perspective article. Perspective articles should have the following format: 1) Abstract, 2) Introduction, 3) Subsections relevant for the subject, 4) Discussion.


Opinion articles allow authors to contribute viewpoints on the interpretation of recent findings in any research area, value of the methods used, as well as weaknesses and strengths of scientific hypotheses. They should abide to the following guidelines: not contain unpublished or original data, be supported by evidence, be fully referenced, encourage constructive discussion, refrain from emotionally-charged argumentation. Opinion articles are peer-reviewed and have a maximum word count of 2,000 and may contain no more than 1 Figure/Table. Authors are required to pay a fee ( $450 ) to publish an Opinion article. Opinion articles should have the following format: 1) Introduction, 2) Subsections relevant for the subject, 3) Discussion.

Description of the Research Topic

Experts’ Opinions in Radiation and Health: Emerging Issues in the Field

Radiation, whether naturally occurring or emitted by man-made devices, is present in the environment and impacts human health. Radiation must be considered when making public health policies that protect and prolong population health, especially due to the increasing technological world we live in.

The radiation that is emitted by wireless communication devices and networks is an increasing area of concern, especially now, at the time of the deployment of the 5th generation of wireless technology – the 5G. More research is needed in this area to evaluate the risk on human health and initiate policies that protect humans from potential health problems due to wireless communication. It is also important to consider the biological mechanisms underlying radiation-related health issues, as this in turn provides health policy-makers with information on the physiological impact of radiation exposures on humans in order to justify policies that are made. There are also some legitimate scientific concerns whether the currently used safety guidelines for wireless devices and networks are sufficient to protect, in the long term use, health of the population. There is no scientific consensus on the reliability of these safety guidelines that were developed by ICNIRP (International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection) and are recommended and advocated for use by the WHO (World Health Organization). These safety guidelines still need scientific verification by experts with diverse opinions on the science, to assess and to assure their validity.

The Chief Editor of our Radiation and Health section, Adj. Prof. Dariusz Leszczynski, is developing this Research Topic in order to address the health risks associated with radiation and understand policies that are in place to protect humans from developing health issues and living a healthy life, as well as opinions on the validity and reliability of the current safety guidelines. For this special issue, we welcome expert Opinions or Perspective articles on the following:

  • Risk and hazard estimations of radiation exposures (of individuals as well as human population as a whole)
  • Appropriate ways of communicating on the radiation-related health issues to the public
  • Impact caused by radiation exposure on both physiological and psychological aspects of human health
  • Biochemical and molecular approaches for studying the effects of radiation exposures on human physiology
  • In vitro laboratory studies on biophysical and biochemical mechanisms of the physiological effects of radiation exposures on human tissues and cells (in vivo and ex vivo)
  • Wellbeing problems due to wireless communication devices
  • Animal radiation toxicology studies designed to estimate possibility of human health effects caused by radiation exposure
  • Individual sensitivity to radiation and its impact on physiology and psychology


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