Trustworthiness of telecoms (it is a sarcasm!)


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 How customers can trust any information and services provided by telecoms? This is the case of Optus in Australia. However, it likely represents “tip of an iceberg” as the news refers to a similar behavior of Telstra. In earlier post … Continue reading

STUK in Finland: How trustworthy is information on smart phones and… nuclear power plants…


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Finland’s STUK is hiding important radiation exposure information from the general public, the Government and the Parliament. What else is being hidden by the arbitrary decisions of STUK staff? How comprehensive and trustworthy is the information we, the general public, … Continue reading

STUK in Finland skews public debate on science


Health effects of cell phone radiation is a very controversial topic. On the one hand there are scientists and lay people concerned that radiation affects health in a variety of manners. On the other hand there are scientists and lay … Continue reading