Debating 5G in Helsinki


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Topic of the wireless radiation and health, including the forthcoming deployment of the 5G, is not really debated in Finland. News media shy of this topic because of the controversial science that is often presented in a controversial way by … Continue reading

Guest blog from Olli Tammilehto: Mitä säteilyturvakeskus turvaa?


Text below was written by Olli Tammilehto. It is intersting question – how STUK can express any opinions of bio-medical matters (health effects) when it completely lacks expertise in this area? Any health-related info from STUK is sham because STUK … Continue reading

STUK in Finland: How trustworthy is information on smart phones and… nuclear power plants…


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Finland’s STUK is hiding important radiation exposure information from the general public, the Government and the Parliament. What else is being hidden by the arbitrary decisions of STUK staff? How comprehensive and trustworthy is the information we, the general public, … Continue reading

Untruthful statement from Director General of Finland’s STUK: Scientific arrogance or incompetence?


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On June 18, 2014, was posted BRHP blog “STUK in Finland misinforms the Government, Parliamentarians and the general public”. In this posts I criticized STUK for providing false information on radiation exposures caused by the ‘smart’ phones: “The experts form … Continue reading