*Censorship in plain sight* by the mainstream news media


Last year, in 2020, when virus pandemic was rapidly spreading all-over the world, equally well was spreading on social media another pandemic of posts linking virus spread and 5G technology spread. Stories linking virus and 5G emitted radiation were, plainly, … Continue reading

Possible ‘censorship’ and certainly ‘cherry-picking’ of science in ‘Helsingin sanomat’, the major Finnish newspaper


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Helsingin sanomat is the major daily newspaper in Finland. Helsingin sanomat does not publish, as if by default, stories, opinions and science questioning the health safety of the radiation emitted by the wireless communication devices and their networks. For Helsingin … Continue reading

Telecom in USA: A “YUGE” Conflict of Interest Problem


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Three cases of telecoms Conflict of Interest (CoI): case Berkeley, case FCC and case ICES –  the CoI were possibly disclosed but does it mean that CoI were nullified and avoided? Americans are very conscious about the potential Conflict of … Continue reading

STUK in Finland skews public debate on science


Health effects of cell phone radiation is a very controversial topic. On the one hand there are scientists and lay people concerned that radiation affects health in a variety of manners. On the other hand there are scientists and lay … Continue reading