Telecom in USA: A “YUGE” Conflict of Interest Problem


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Three cases of telecoms Conflict of Interest (CoI): case Berkeley, case FCC and case ICES –  the CoI were possibly disclosed but does it mean that CoI were nullified and avoided? Americans are very conscious about the potential Conflict of … Continue reading

Finland’s MTV Lifestyle: censorship does not exist – at least nobody admits doing it…


Today morning, before I published a brief blog ‘Why Finland’s MTV Lifestyle website censors comments with valid scientific opinions?’, I sent a complaining message to the Finland’s MTV Lifestyle. I informed that censorship is not acceptable and that I will … Continue reading

STUK in Finland skews public debate on science


Health effects of cell phone radiation is a very controversial topic. On the one hand there are scientists and lay people concerned that radiation affects health in a variety of manners. On the other hand there are scientists and lay … Continue reading