Australia’s Canberra CityNews on 5G deployment and health worries


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Today, CityNews in Canberra, Australia have published a story on 5G and health worries. As I commented in the story, health problems are not only possible but rather probable. However, it is likely that the problems will manifest only in … Continue reading

Thailand’s request to the WHO to clarify whether cell tower radiation is carcinogenic


Today’s Thailand’s ‘Bangkok Post‘ has published an article “NBTC asks WHO for clarity on telecom base health risks“. There is no word yet as to what the WHO response might be. However, if any response comes out of the WHO, … Continue reading

The Science of… “things we don’t know we don’t know”


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During my recent lecture (slides & video) at the Griffith University in in Brisbane, Australia, I quoted Donald Rumsfeld, former US Secretary of Defense. What Rumsfeld said, concerned military issues and the “complexity” of the quote was a material for … Continue reading

National Toxicology Program: Draft Report for download


Today, on May 27th, NIH will hold teleconference concerning the NTP study. The draft report of the NTP study, including comments of the peer-reviewers is available for download here:

Social media buzz about the US NTP study: A pessimists pre-view…


Yesterday, story published by the known-to-be-well-informed Microwave News made social media abuzz. My past experience tells me, however, to put the predictions on hold… because the spin doctors are at work. This is not any “conspiracy theory”, this is a … Continue reading

Eileen O’Connor on SCENIHR: Is Science Being Hidden from the Public?


This is the next in a series of guest blogs on BRHP. The opinions expressed in it are of Eileen O’Connor herself. Publication of these opinions in BRHP does not imply that BRHP automatically agrees with or endorses these opinions. Publication … Continue reading