Another take on relationships of journalist and scientist


The post below I have written in 2011, just after I returned from the IARC 2011 classification of RF as possible carcinogen (2B). Now, dealing with hidden censorship I remembered this post and… after reading I still consider it valid, … Continue reading

BioEM2016: The NTP study (part 2/3)


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The most anticipated event of the BioEM2016 was the last moment addition of the presentation of the US NIEHS National Toxicology Program study on effects of cell phone radiation in rats and mice. The 8AM Wednesday plenary session was provocatively … Continue reading

Monitoring temperature changes in brain exposed to cell phone radiation


updated Jan 22, 2013; Melbourne, Australia; Jan. 21, 2013: In my written testimony, submitted for the hearing before the US Senate in September 2009, I have written the following, concerning the impact of cell phone radiation on brain temperature (bold … Continue reading


• Greek proteomics study on effect of cell phone radiation on mice brain


Few days ago research group from Greece published study that examined effects of cell phone radiation and DECT phone radiation on mice brain using proteomics approach. After exposure to radiation, that was generated by regular phones connected to network and … Continue reading

• Science and News Media


From years of reading in the news media about the possibility of health effects associated with the exposure to mobile phone radiation, I got an impression that the information field has been dominated by two types of activists. One type … Continue reading