Victor Leach of ORSAA: Critical review of the FDA 2020 Report


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Below is the next in a series of Guest Blogs on BRHP. The opinions expressed in this Guest Blog are of Victor Leach himself. Publication of these opinions in BRHP does not imply that BRHP automatically agrees with or endorses these … Continue reading

Brief, and Bold, Statement from David O. Carpenter on RF-EMF and Immune Response


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Two biological effects of RF-EMF are considered by anti-5G activists as proving health hazard: DNA damage Inhibition of immune response Both of the effects are speculated to be caused by the oxidative stress induced in cells by the RF-EMF exposures. … Continue reading

Pall, Firstenberg and the ‘silent enablers’ are responsible for the current 5G storm


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…this is a longer blog, hopefully worth your time to read to the end… For over 20 years I have been doing hands-on research on the effects of RF-EMF on biological systems and for over 20 years I was arguing … Continue reading

Compilation of blog posts on incompetence and harm caused by Martin Pall


There seems to be a heightened interest in my writings presenting incompetence and scaremongering of Martin Pall and the harm that he causes to all those pressing for more research on 5G and health. To make it easier for the … Continue reading

Fact Check: There are no 30.000 studies on health effects of EMF used in wireless communication


Activists and telecoms alike claim there are thousands and thousands of studies on health effects of EMF used in wireless communication devices and networks. Activists claim these thousands and thousands studies show harmful health effects. Telecoms claim these thousands and … Continue reading

“…Questions remain unanswered as to what 5G actually is, what it is for…”


March 2020 Briefing document for the Members and staff of the European Parliament, prepared by the EPRS – European Parliamentary Research Service, authored by Miroslava Karaboytcheva and titled “Effects of 5G wireless communication on human health” is an interesting read… … Continue reading