Debating 5G in Helsinki

Topic of the wireless radiation and health, including the forthcoming deployment of the 5G, is not really debated in Finland.

News media shy of this topic because of the controversial science that is often presented in a controversial way by overzealous activists. Also, potential loss of revenues might play some role in “lack of interest” of news media in debating, or publishing opinions, about wireless radiation and health.

The same reasoning seems to apply to the research community in Finland, at the Universities and at the Academy of Finland. Many consider that “rocking the boat” in the Land of Nokia is unwise.

At the same time, stories coming from the telecommunication industry present the forthcoming deployment of 5G as a revolution that will provide the proverbial cornucopia, the horn of plenty, with the abundance of everything for everybody. Anyone complaining is considered unwise, wanting to turn society back to caves and Stone Age… A very powerful propaganda.

In this situation of the scientific uncertainty and in the situation of interests-motivated unwillingness to conduct a public debate on 5G, it is very laudable that Avril Styrman, the Chairman of the Finnish Society for Natural Philosophy had agreed to hold a “5G Debate”. It is equally laudable that STUK’s representative, Tommi Toivonen, has agreed to participate. This cannot be said about the industry. A representative was invited but refused, quoting scheduling problems. However, this highly positioned telecom representative was also unwilling to suggest suitable substitute speaker.

My presentation in this “5G Debate”, held on October 15, 2019, is available here: Leszczynski Helsinki 15 October 2019. Because of the importance of the topic of this debate, some call it “hot potato” and some say that it is like a “molten lava”, thus I decided that I will be speaking in part in Finnish and in part in English, to make sure that my opinions will be understood correctly.


4 thoughts on “Debating 5G in Helsinki

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  2. At first, the price of gadgets using 5G will be high but it will drop rapidly, as with every new technology…

  3. Am not so sure that 5G will be a huge success. The cost of the infrastructure is so high that I wander if customers will be able to afford the services. We’ll see. It is not the first time that a new cell phone generation has a modest success.

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