Presentations from the ‘Expert Forum’ held in Jerusalem, Israel

The Israeli Institute for Advanced Studies (IIAS) and Environmental Health Trust (EHT) have organized an ‘Expert Forum on Wireless Radiation and Health’, Jerusalem, Israel, Jan. 23 – 26, 2017. Conference was organized by Charles (Chuck) Greenblatt and Devra Davis.

Videos of the majority of the presentations are available now on YouTube. Conference presentations are marked with this IIAS logo:


Proceedings of the conference will be published in due time in peer-reviewed journal (s).

A few of the more interesting presentations, from the point of view of my own interests, by Anthony Miller, Ron Melnick/Linda Birnbaum, Rony Seger, Esra Neufeld and myself, are here below.

Anthony Miller – Update on Epidemiology

Ron McCormick – Update on te NTP study (theis presentation of Linda Birnbaum, Head of the NIEHS and NTP was presented by Ron because Linda had to unexpectedly return to USA).

Rony Seger – Update on Stress response

Esra Neufeld – Update on Exposures

Dariusz Leszczynski – Update on Gaps in Research (selected topics)


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