Could there be a connection: RF-EMF and Alzheimer’s?

Just published study by Kumar et al. “Amyloid-β peptide protects against microbial infection in mouse and worm models of Alzheimer’s disease.” in the Science Translational Medicine proposes a new explanation for the Alzheimer’s disease. The authors suggest that the disease would be a defensive mechanism against the bacteria and viruses invading the brain. Of course, as every scientific study, also this one has its critics [updated 29.07.2016: critical comment has been removed from the PubMed site]

However, the hypothesis of brain defending itself against bacteria and viruses by generating plaques that “imprison” the invaders sounds interesting and should be explored in more detail.

This hypothesis, on brain defense, is possible to extend into… cell phone radiation. This is not yet another crazy idea suggesting that anything what is wrong with human health is caused by RF-EMF. It is hypothesis that has potential scientific basis and should be also examined in detail.

There have been published studies suggesting a link between exposures to cell phone radiation and Alzheimer’s disease and cognition. The EMF Portal lists 8 experimental studies. Especially these from research group of Gary Arendash are worth examining. His work, on Alzheimer’s and cognition, is under a replication attempt by John Finnie in Australia.

The link between Alzheimer’s and RF-EMF exposure might be indirect one.

The RF-EMF has been shown, in some animal studies, to increase permeability of the blood-brain barrier but others did not find such effect. One possible mechanism of the RF-EMF effect of increasing permeability of the BBB could be the activation of cellular stress response in endothelial cells being part of the blood-brain barrier.

My research group, when it still existed, has published some 14 years ago a study showing activation of the Hsp27/p38MAPK pathway in endothelial cells, shown in subsequent studies to cause relocation of F-actin stress fibers and shrinkage and detachment of endothelium from the substratum.

Leszczynski et al 2002 Hypothesis RF and BBB

Hypothesis on RF-EMF and BBB; Leszczynski et al. Differentiation, 70, 2002, 120-129; Green boxes concern the hypothesized effect of RF-EMF on the BBB

Considering altogether, the RF-EMF-induced stress response in endothelium, the RF-EMF-induced blood-brain barrier permeability and the potential defensive role of the Alzheimer’s in brain infections, it is possible to put forward a hypothesis, shown below (click to enlarge), suggesting that cell phone radiation by activation of stress response causes increased leakage of the blood-brain barrier allowing easier traffic of pathogens into the brain tissue where the defensive mechanisms cause formation of plaques to imprison the infecting pathogens.

Leszczynski Hypothesis AlzheimerIt is A HYPOTHESIS and it is worth exploring…


1 thought on “Could there be a connection: RF-EMF and Alzheimer’s?

  1. At the seminar organised by Swedish Radiation Safety Authority in May 2016 in Stockholm, Anke Huss, showed that almost all epdidemiologial studies done so far on exposure to EMF and risk of Alzheimers and ALS show an increased risk. These are serious deadly diseases. They cause huge and increasing costs to society. Furthermore these diseases are increasing very much in incidence.

    Of course these consistent results must be enough to lower exposure, inform the public and take protective measures. We should not wait for scientists to find out about exact mechanisms behind and then to agree on them. But authorities and goverments don’t. At this seminar on a remark from me on the consistent results, Anke Huss referred to no known mechanism and ICNIRP:s chairman Eric van Rongen who previously had claimed he could not draw “firm conclusions”. So many studies, according to him, were such a poor quality that they are a waste of money. In my opinon, paying Eric van Rongen to do reviews is a waste of money for the Swedish tax payers and the society.

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