Leszczynski’s presentation in Reykjavik, Iceland (via skype)

On January 27. 2016, I had a presentation for the working group Abyrg notkun UT at the Reykjavik City Department of Education. Presentation discussed possible/probable effects of radiation emitted by the wireless communication devices on human health. Presented were, briefly, IARC 2011 classification and the post-classification research, in context of the introduction of the wi-fi equipment in schools.

title Iceland-27-01-2016Recommendation is that the Precautionary Principle should be implemented and the internet in schools should be provided preferentially via wired connections instead of wireless, for the time being, when there is no sufficient science available on how, if at all, the long-term exposures to wi-fi might affect children.

conclusions Iceland-27-01-2016The presentation, both slides and audio of presentation and discussion, are available from this Vimeo link.

PDF of slides is available here Iceland-27-01-2016.


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