No sufficient health research on 5G but… it is OK to deploy, claims Polish government… it is safe to use, claims ICNIRP…


Yesterday, I came across a document, posted on twitter, from the Polish Ministry of Digital Affairs. The letter from Waldemar Kraska, Secretary of State, is addressed to Ms. Elżbieta Witek, Marszałek of Sejm (Speaker of Sejm). Here is the photo of the letter and google translation to English.

“Dear Madam Marshal,
In response to the inquiry no. 1048 submitted by Mr. Deputy Jarosław Rzepa on June 4, 2020, regarding the introduction of 5G technology in Poland, please accept the following.

When answering question 1, it should be noted that there is no data yet on the impact of 5G technology on the health and life of Poles – the launch of such networks has begun in recent months. In February this year WHO has found that so far little research has been done into the frequencies used in newly developed 5G networks. WHO will review the scientific evidence related to the potential health risk of 5G exposure as new technology is implemented and more public health data are available, and will conduct a health risk assessment that will be published by 2022.

In answer to question no. 2, it should be noted that on the website of the Ministry of Digital Affairs  you can find comprehensive information about the 5G network (such as technical issues, electromagnetic field health issues, applications).

Therefore, currently there are no grounds for further action in this case.

Waldemar Kraska, Secretary of State”

In the letter, Mr. Kraska explains that:

  1. there is no research on whether 5G will affect life and health of Poles
  2. that the WHO admits (hence, Ministry of Digital Affairs knows) that there is very little research on 5G frequencies
  3. currently it is not possible to clearly state whether there will be, or not, effects on health of the population (hence, Ministry of Digital Affairs knows)
  4. the 5G deployment will go on in parallel with some unspecified research activities and, as research data become available, the WHO will issue information on 5G and health, by the 2022

Summa summarum, Mr. Kraska states that the 5G is being deployed without the knowledge of whether it will affect health because any information in this matter will become available post-deployment.

Of course, the Government of Poland acting on 5G is nothing exceptional. It is as all governments around the world do, they are all accepting what telecoms and ICNIRP say, that there is no problem whatsoever… but…

…as US Senator Blumenthal stated in the hearing on 5G:

So there really is no research ongoing.  We’re kind of flying blind here, as far as health and safety is concerned.”

ICNIRP – International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection, against all reason and against all evidence, or rather the lack of evidence because research on 5G has not been done yet, claims that 5G is safe when used within the limits set by the ICNIRP but… even ICNIRP admits there is no research on 5G and health… so what is the scientific basis for ICNIRP limits?

In a scientifically bizarre statement, Rodney Croft, Chairman of ICNIRP has stated (see video 13:24 – 13:34 for the bizarre statement)

There is no harm associated with 5G

Look it’s very true that the amount of studies that specifically look at 5G are very limited but from a science perspective that just isn’t relevant

This statement suggests that ICNIRP doesn’t need research studies to set safe radiation limitsbizarre.

The lack of studies on 5G has been noticed in several research reviews. The examples below (with the exception of Leszczynski, in press) are reviews written at the request of the industry or by industry consultants (!). Here are some pertinent quotes from these reviews:

  • Wu, Rappaport & Collins [Safe for Generations to come: Considerations of Safety for Millimeter Waves in Wireless Communications. IEEE Microwave Mag. 2015, 16:65-84]

“…Compared with lower frequency bands, relatively little careful research has been conducted evaluating the potential of more subtle long-term effects than tissue damage due directly to heating at mmWave frequencies…”

  • Foster, Ziskin & Balzano [Thermal Modeling for the Next Generation of Radiofrequency Exposure Limits: Commentary. Health Phys 2017, 113(1):41-53]

“…The frequency range above 3–10 GHz through the top of the RF band (300 GHz) has heretofore received relatively little attention by the committees that develop the guidelines, despite a large number of (generally low-powered) devices that already operate in this wide band […] However, this broad frequency band is about to gain much wider use with the introduction of a new generation (5G) of wireless communications […] and the development of high-powered millimeter wave devices (30–300 GHz) for industrial and military applications…”

  • Simko & Mattsson [5G Wireless Communication and Health Effects – A Pragmatic Review Based on Available Studies Regarding 6 to 100 GHz. Int. J. Environ. Res. Public Health 2019, 16, 3406]

The available studies do not provide adequate and sufficient information for a meaningful safety assessment, or for the question about non-thermal effects. There is a need for research regarding local heat developments on small surfaces, e.g., skin or the eye, and on any environmental impact. Our quality analysis shows that for future studies to be useful for safety assessment, design and implementation need to be significantly improved.”

  • Leszczynski [Physiological effects of millimeter-waves on skin and skin cells: An overview of the to-date published studies. Rev Env Health 2020, in press; see abstract and quotes here]

“…the whole scientific evidence on the possible effects of millimeter-waves on skin and skin cells, currently consists of only some 99 studies. This clearly indicates that the scientific evidence concerning the possible effects of millimeter-waves on humans is insufficient to devise science-based exposure limits and to develop science-based human health policies. The sufficient research has not been done and, therefore, precautionary measures should be considered for the deployment of the 5G, before the sufficient number of quality research studies will be executed and health risk, or lack of it, scientifically established.”

In conclusion: we are flying blind and, hopefully, 5G post-deployment research will not bring us any major turbulence


7 thoughts on “No sufficient health research on 5G but… it is OK to deploy, claims Polish government… it is safe to use, claims ICNIRP…

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  2. Clearly, the unprecedented millimeter 5G frequencies need biological study. But is there also concern because 5g systems include 3G, 4G, 5G and 6G? Shouldn’t science study these pulsed COMBINATIONS to provide results applying to real world exposures?

    One can also hope the studies would be calibrated to represent the proximity of new 5G
    system densification of small cell base stations. The close proximity power levels and types of signals should be included in the science to give accurate reports.

    Thank you, and a safe, productive New Year to all.

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  4. Write a report in detail, on why insurance companies refuse to provide cover and why Drs & Scientists petitions remain unanswered to UN & EU & FCC.

    The science on electro magnetic radiation in air (RF microwaves for 5G) is an absolute from military research on both densified and directed energy decades ago. Why the 5G industry do no safety testing and instal without public consultation, & lobby to change laws to carry on doing so whilst ignoring valid public concern. ICNIRP with severe conflict of interest, and no medical expertise, have no authority only tyrannical control.

    On Thu, 2 Jul 2020, 12:11 BRHP – Between a Rock and a Hard Place, wrote:

    > dariuszleszczynski posted: “WE KNOW THAT WE DON’T KNOW BUT… UNDER DICTATE > FROM TELECOMS AND ICNIRP, GOVERNMENTS DEPLOY 5G WITHOUT PRE-MARKET TESTING > AND WITHOUT SETTING RESEARCH AGENDA ON 5G AND HEALTH. Yesterday, I came > across a document, posted on twitter, from the Polish Ministr” >

  5. We are being used as guinea pigs. Once the technology is up and running for a few years, the WHO will do a health assessment! The same thing has happened with every generation of wireless devices: the industry is allowed to sell their devices and then when people become ill, it is up to the victim to prove the causal relationship. Sadly, future generations will pay for this experiment.

    Sharon Noble
    Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters
    Victoria, BC, Canada

  6. Allowing the deployment without scientific research is like vaccinating and/or using new drugs without prior safety testing on laboratory animals!
    Without 5G safety testing, we humans are becoming guinea pigs!

    Hans Karow
    Coalition to Reduce Electropollution (CORE, since 1992)
    Coalition to Stop Smart Meters in BC (co-founded in 2011 with Sharon Noble/Victoria/BC)

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