WHO Definition of Health & EMF exposures

WHO definition of health has a very broad scope that includes social well-being as an integral part of health. Consequently, anything that affects person’s social well-being can, and should, be considered as a potential health risk/effect. This includes exposures to any form of the EMF.

Social well-being of a person worrying that EMF exposures may detrimentally affect health indicates an “ill health” risk/effect. The stress, caused by the worry of an ill effect of EMF exposure, impacts every-day life of the affected person.

Situation may get worse after the deployment of 5G technology, that will be not only physically omnipresent but also functioning in the “digital society” will become impossible without using 5G and being close-proximity-exposed to 5G-emitted radiation.

The 5G-emitted radiation was insufficiently tested for health impact and there is a complete lack of knowledge how the 24/7 exposures lasting for tens of years will affect health.

Some of people will not be affected but some will, because we are all, genetically and epi-genetically, different. The higher sensitivity of some persons to EMF exposures is explained by the well-established in health science phenomenon of individual sensitivity.

We need urgently research to determine what impact will have deployment of the 5G technology on human population, in the context of the WHO Definition of Health.

NOTE: For those trolling me with false claims:

  • I am not anti-wireless
  • I am using smartphone without limitations
  • My sole connection to internet is wireless, the hot-spot created by my smartphone
  • I am not sensitive to EMF exposures
  • All of my opinions have a solid basis in the published scientific evidence

5 thoughts on “WHO Definition of Health & EMF exposures

  1. Great post. I used to be checking continuously this blog and Iā€™m
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    I maintain such info much. I was looking for this particular info for a long time.
    Thanks and best of luck.

  2. Indeed, we, the users, by increasing our demands for speed and efficiency of the wireless communication, are causing the omnipresence of the technology. Switching to wired connections is not possible for everyone. For the telecoms it is much cheaper to deploy wireless technology and they do it so efficiently and, at the same time, telecoms are actively dismantling wired connections as a cost-saving measure.
    I have no access to wired connection and the only way for me to do what I do is to use wireless.
    Also, it is my opinion that only some users will react biologically to the exposures and, therefore, only some of them might potentially develop health problems. We do not know yet who they will be and we have not yet any diagnostic methods to detect those sensitive to the exposures.
    There is no good research in this area and any further research is being prevented by ICNIRP, WHO EMF Project and telecoms. They all use, as an excuse, results of the research on the self-diagnosed EHS that is completely flawed methodologically and that is useless for making any determinations of who is and who is not sensitive to EMF exposures.
    In my opinion, the majority of users will not be affected by the exposures. We need research on individual sensitivity to EMF exposures (do not confuse it with EHS).

  3. I don’t get it. You’re a scientist who bases his opinions on the literature, yet you use a smartphone without limitations, its wireless hot spot being your sole connection to the internet. You know what RF EMR is doing to life, eg. bees, on this planet, not just EHS people, yet you increase the demand for wireless by using it yourself? What am I missing, or does this not make any sense? I’m EHS as a result of mercury poisoning by an exterminator who used mercuric chloride to kill carpenter ants in 1997. My sole connection to the net is this wired desktop computer, and it’s more than enough. No DECT phones, no microwave oven, no RF emitters, no cell phone, etc. I say this to all wireless users: If you want to cook your brain without affecting anyone else, you’re more than welcome to; use a microwave oven and get it over with. But if you care about others, about life on this planet we call home, then please develop some social responsibility and use these devices for emergencies only, meanwhile keep them turned fully OFF. Why is this so difficult?

  4. As an electrohypersensitive (EHS) I will say: I don’t really worry. Worrying is not the thing. I use electronic devices ’til the limit. Until the body says: No longer! People claiming that EHS is psychosomatic thing caused by fear really don’t know the life and thoughts of the EHS.

    Pseudo-scientific ideas about the influence of psych on health are superstitions in the power of thoughts.

  5. All radiation will affect all of us be it 2G 3G 4 G & 5G or WiFi – only degree will vary and in how many years . The power transmitted by the Antennae and their distance from citizens in the main beam will play an important role in spreading health hazards to the Citizens.

    Let us follow the Precautionary Principle as laid down by the Law of European Union and insist on studies done by Cellular Industry to prove there is 100% proof of No Harm before 5G is introduced in the market. The onus of proof of No Harm lies with Industry. They should not make the ignorant unaware citizens as lab rats.

    Prakash Munshi

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