VIDEO of EHS WORKSHOP at the EU Parliament held on April 13, 2023

Below are videos and slides of presentations.

French language video.

English language video of the EHS workshop (French scientists spoke French and translation is not always best audio).

Slides of all individual scientific presentations can be found here:

[ATELIER] Hypersensibilité électromagnétique : l’état de la Science




2 thoughts on “VIDEO of EHS WORKSHOP at the EU Parliament held on April 13, 2023

  1. Dariusz, thank you for posting all the talks and the discussion. I can see you and Andrew Marino have a similar viewpoint concerning insufficient research and poor quality of studies. I listened to the whole 4 hours, and the discussion was most enjoyable. I was particularly interested in one of the findings by Belpomme that dysaesthesia was a condition mentioned. A paper by Hocking and Westman titled: Neurological effects of radiofrequency radiation;( This was an occupational exposure 100 times lower than the ICNIRP member of the public limit for 2 hours. This exposure was similar to a mobile phone exposure. I also believe many medical conditions are placed in the syndrome category that we are unsure of in the aetiology. Still, doctors and nurses need to gather clinical evidence and rule out all known pathophysiological conditions. Part of that evidence is the patient’s belief in what is making them sick and the reasons for that belief.

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