A nifty study showing that pesticides + EMF are more unhealthy for the bees than pesticides alone…

There is a growing concern that the decline in pollinators spells problems for humans. However, there is debate as to what causes decline in e.g. bee populations. What modifications to environment, introduced by humans, cause death and misbehavior of bees. Many claim that pesticides are to blame. Many, afraid to be called foil-hats, are afraid to say that EMF might be involved too.


Just published study from Italy has demonstrated that pesticides alone are not good for bees but that pesticides combined with ELF-EMF from power line is even worse, the multi-stressors environment:

Lupi et al., Combined Effects of Pesticides and Electromagnetic-Fields on Honeybees: Multi-Stress Exposure, Insects 2021, 12(8), 716; https://doi.org/10.3390/insects12080716

Researchers examined bee colonies for 1 year. All bees derived from the same pool. The hives were located in the same large industrial orchard where all bees were exposed to the same pesticides. However, only part of the hives was located in area exposed to power-line ELF-EMF.

Multiple tests of bee death, behavior, diseases and biochemical stress markers were tediously and in-depth examined.

The result of the study was:

This research evidenced that both stress (chemical and electromagnetic) caused negative impacts on exposed colonies, due to disease appearance (American foulbrood), mortality in the underbaskets and behavioral alterations (queen changes, excess of drone brood deposition and honey storage). In detail, the mortality in the underbaskets appeared to be more related to the chemical-stress site while most of the behavioral alterations appeared only in the multi-stress one.”

In simple terms, it looks like pesticides kill bees whereas pesticides + EMF cause behavioral changes.

Not good news for humans and for the rest of fauna kingdom that eats what plants produce…


2 thoughts on “A nifty study showing that pesticides + EMF are more unhealthy for the bees than pesticides alone…

  1. Correct me if I am wrong: (1) this is based on ONE hive beneath a power line; (2) effects supposedly due to EMF exposure are in most cases small compared to variability; (3) 60 Hz electric field at hive was not measured but was somewhat above 1 kV/m, which is only somewhat below levels known to affect hive health from 1980s studies.

    Bottom line: careful study but its significance not clear.

  2. I am not surprised Dariusz, I will put my hand up and say microwaves are causing a great deal of violence around the World, having felt the changes in my moods, caused by emf / microwaves from a nearby mast, then recognising the association and the protecting myself, I then took tests to prove under double-blind conditions, that it was not only painful, but I could identify different signal types, my score was 83% the sensitive group overall was 70.45% what more evidence do we need to see, it seems governments and the Word harm Org say its real, but they can not get their narrow minds to see the association, I was not sensitive before the exposure that caused my EHS condition, only afterwards.

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