Leszczynski: I know how to experimentally prove whether immunity is affected by RF-EMF

Yesterday, I have posted the following tweet:

  • Please, RT & distribute widely.
  • EMF and immunity -proof is missing.
  • I have method, tested & working, to examine effects of EMF on immunity in animal, mice, model.
  • I am looking for research group with animal facility and exposure chambers for mice.
  • If interested – contact me via DM

My inquiry is addressed to scientists who can perform animal experiments on mice and who have RF exposure equipment for mice. If you are an interested scientist or if you know a scientist who might be interested, please, let me know.

Also, please, distribute this message on social media so that, hopefully, suitable research team will be found.

The experimental method was tested and shown to work very well in discovering impact on immune response.

The starting point for the project will be, as always, application for funding and for ethical permit.

As far as I know, from the practical experience, the answer to the question, whether RF affects immune response, could be reached within few months of experimentation.

Thank you for your help!


1 thought on “Leszczynski: I know how to experimentally prove whether immunity is affected by RF-EMF

  1. Hello,
    I am a mother of a child who I believe may have been harmed by sleeping up against a smart meter during the most formative years of his development. My child has asthma, eczema and recently been diagnosed with ADHD. I removed him from his bedroom two years ago and within one week his eczema disappeared. Unbelieveable.
    I have recently placed him back in his bedroom – with the bedhead against a different wall – but he wakes up numerous times during the night and when I lie next to him I notice his body spasms periodically throughout the night.

    I am in Victoria, trying to deal with Jemena and my local MP to remove this smart meter. I am looking for any scientific evidence that these meters can harm people who may already be immune compromised.

    I don’t know if I can assist you in any way but I welcome any information you may have that scientifically shows EMF and RF frequencies disrupt the immune system.

    Thank you kindly,

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