BioEM2017, Hangzhou, China, June 5-9, 2017

This BioEM2017 conference will take place in Hangzhou, China. Preliminary program of the conference is available here.

There are few plenary lectures that got my attention:

Plenary #1, presented by Primo Schär, will deal with Epigenetics and EMF. It will be very interesting to hear how epigenetics can contribute to EMF research. Epigenetics looks at potentially hereditary changes in organisms caused by modification of gene expression rather than alteration of the genetic code itself. Some of the studies examining biological effects of EMF pointed out towards the possibility that EMF exposures may affect expression of genes and, this way, by affecting expression and activity of proteins impact cell physiology.

Plenary #2 will have two presentations dealing with mobile health (mHealth). One of the presenters will be Emilie van Deventer speaking about “Be healthy be mobile initiative of WHO/ITU“. Does it indicate a change in interest of the WHO EMF Project from the health risk of EMF to practical applications of wireless communication in mHealth? Interestingly, there is no word from WHO EMF Project about the status of the Environmental Health Criteria fro RF-EMF. The last update I got from Eric van Rongen at the at the BioEM2016… My recent inquiries to Emilie van Deventer concerning both, mHealth and the EHC, went unanswered…

Plenary #4 will deal with the biological and health effects of the future 5G technologyCurrent knowledge of biological effects above 6 GHz. There will be only two talks and with very narrow scope each. Content of this session clearly reflects what is our status of the knowledge (in fact lack of the knowledge) about biological and health effects that might be induced by the radiation emitted by the 5G devices and base stations. The radiation will be absorbed nearly solely by the skin and there is a complete lack of biological studies on this subject.

  • Masami Kojima (Kanazawa, Japan): Acute ocular injuries acute ocular injuries caused by 40, 75, 95 GHz millimetre-wave exposures
  • Yuri Feldman (Jerusalem, Israel): Human Skin as Arrays of Helical Antennas in the Millimeter and Submillimeter Wave Range

From the workshops program at the BioEM2017 I would like to point out two. One concerns the 5G technology exposures and exposures that will be generated by the IoT (internet of things). The other will f´discuss the reliability of the exposure settings used to perform animal studies as well as experiments with cell cultures – the reverberation chambers.

Workshop 2: 5G and IoT exposure: RF-EMF Exposure assessment and novel measurement devices

Organiser: Joseph Wout, Ghent, Belgium

Speakers: Joseph Wout (Ghent, Belgium), Niels Kuster (Zurich, Switzerland), Joe Wiart (Paris, France), Azadeh Peyman (Harwell, UK)

The aim of this workshop is to provide an introduction into equipment and procedures to perform compliance and exposure assessment of 5G at 60 GHz, and to develop methods to assess exposure of small cells, IoT smart meters, and novel massive MIMO (multiple-input multiple output) technologies.

Workshop 4: Is the Evaluated In Vivo Exposure Level in a Reverberation Chamber Reliable?

Organisers: Jianqing Wang, Nagoya, Japan & Niels Kuster, Zurich, Switzerland

The proposed workshop focuses on the dosimetry aspect of reverberation chamber (RC) as a whole-body exposure setup. We will discuss the validity, limitations and potential problems of current dosimetry methods used for exposure level evaluation in a RC. Through this workshop, we attempt to derive a common view on how to evaluate the whole-body exposure level for animals in an RC.

Thanks to the travel grant from the Pandora Foundation and from the Kompetenz Initiative in Germany, I will participate in the BioEM2017 and will be posting some blogs and tweets from the meeting. After the conference I will prepare REPORT that will be made available in due time here, on BRHP blog.


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