Leszczynski to participate in the ‘Science & Wireless 2015’ in Melbourne, Australia

I will be, yet again, participating in the Australian ‘Science & Wireless‘ event, to be held on December 8th, 2015 at RMIT in Melbourne. The very interesting program of this event includes such renowned speakers as, among others, Rodney Croft, Andrew Wood, or Sarah Loughran. The key-note presentation will be given by Bernard Veyret. The panel discussion will be moderated by Mike Repacholi. [information based on the program available on Oct. 13, 2015; see screenshot below]

Program as of Oct.13, 2015In the past, I participated in three Science & Wireless events: in 2011, 2012 and 2014. In ‘Science & Wireless 2012‘ I was an invited speaker and my presentation, as well as an interview, are available here.

This year I will present a poster “Wireless Radiation and Health: Science, Safety and Precaution“. My report of what happened at the ‘Science & Wireless 2015‘ will be published before Christmas on this BRHP blog site.

See you in Australia



My participation in the ‘Science & Wireless 2015‘ was made possible thanks to the travel grants from the Organizers of the Science & Wireless event (travel grant funding provided by the Australian Telstra; as per info from the Organizers), by the German Pandora Foundation, by the German Kompetenzinitiative, and by the Cellraid Ltd from Finland.


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