Video of Leszczynski lecture in Nelson, New Zealand

Video of my lecture in Nelson, New Zealand as well as slides of all of my 4 NZ lectures and interviews are available on my BRHP blog website.

Video of the lecture (see at the end of this post).

If interested, links to slides of my 4 lectures in New Zealand (Auckland, Hawke’s Bay, Wellington, Nelson) can be found from these links (each lecture was slightly different):

Video of the morning news TV interview in Auckland is here:

Audio of the radio interview is here:

Video of another interview is here:

Video of the lecture in Nelson:

9 thoughts on “Video of Leszczynski lecture in Nelson, New Zealand

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  2. Please, read my blog posts. There are answers to all your questions.

  3. In your talk of 2019 in New Zealand – 5G and Health. Is it Safe? What the Science Tells Us. you said that the slides or images of your presentatiion would be posted on your site. Could you tell me where they are on this site. Further I find it incredible that you sit on the fence, as it were, claiming there is no sientific evidence for harm to humans. Perhaps you have not seen the Glaser 1971 US naval documents listing 3000 documetns on health risks with EM fields; as well as the 30,000 documents at the, not to mention the Reflex study, the NTP study, the Bioinitiative Report, the Interphone study and others. Of course you applaud the use of X-ray equipment (ionizing radiation) on human beings, for medical reasons; and as all others claim the benefits outweigh the costs. The cost to that human being who gets cancer as a result of X-ray exposure is astronoomical and will never be made up by any of your science claims.

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  5. Everything that’s publicly available on internet is permitted to be used in fair, unbiased and responsible dissemination of information. No scaremongering!

  6. Professor,

    Locally, I know three groups of impacted people who could benefit of your presentations.
    Some groups are formally constituted, other are real life social networks.

    They would use them publicly as a mean to achieve the goal of awareness.

    Do you allow them to use the text, audio and video documents?

    Thank you

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