Video of Leszczynski’s lecture in Reykjavik on Feb. 24, 2017


updated on March 15 with a video from the discussion session where I am speaking about 5G Here is the video of my talk in Iceland. Slides in pdf format are available from this link. … and fragment from discussion … Continue reading

BioEM2015: Inadequate design of studies causes waste of time, money and researcher potential


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Out of many presentations, here are few words about a study on EHS. This study is a good example of what is wrong with the EHS research. Scientists examined whether exposure to wifi radiation affects how people feel mentally and … Continue reading

Day 2 of BioEM2014: something new, something lost, and something old…


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…social media sharing buttons are at the end of the post… The day was opened with a plenary session on the effects of EMF, natural and man-made on large mammals and insects. Hynek Burda presented a talk on “Making sense … Continue reading