Yet another “nail to the coffin” of the EMF non-thermal effects acting through VGCC


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One of the major radiation-related scientific peer-reviewed journals, the Radiation Research, has just published a review article dealing with the role of calcium in mediation of non-thermal effects of EMF exposures: ‘Radiofrequency Fields and Calcium Movements Into and Out of … Continue reading

Is really VGCC the main mechanism for all EMF effects? – by Leendert Vriens


This post is re-blogging from the Stop UMTS site in The Netherlands. In post, published in May 2020, Dr Leendert Vriens, physicist, PhD, retired Philips Research Fellow, elaborates on VGCC hypothesis. Especially his calculations are interesting. Also, comment #5 in … Continue reading

Cautionary words on Martin Pall’s claim that VGCC is the sole target and mechanism for all EMF effects


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UPDATE: Read also this Compilation of blog posts on incompetence and harm caused by Martin Pall [messages below were apparently published on internet in 2015; link, available here, I found accidentally by googling ‘Leszczynski + calcium + channels’, just a few … Continue reading