USA Senate hearing 2019: 5G safety relies solely on “low-power assumption”: Déjà vu all-over again


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5G technology and health & environment = FLYING BLIND On February 6, 2019, took place hearing before the US Senate Commerce, Science, and Transportation Committee, on the future of the 5G wireless technology. U.S. Senator, Richard Blumenthal (D-CT), was concerned … Continue reading

Monitoring temperature changes in brain exposed to cell phone radiation


updated Jan 22, 2013; Melbourne, Australia; Jan. 21, 2013: In my written testimony, submitted for the hearing before the US Senate in September 2009, I have written the following, concerning the impact of cell phone radiation on brain temperature (bold … Continue reading

• Washington conference and US Senate hearing on mobile phones and health


updated October 5th, 2009 For many years Europe has led the way in mobile phone research because the funding was available there. In the present situation of scientific uncertainty in this area, research community is hoping that US would get … Continue reading