Telecom in USA: A “YUGE” Conflict of Interest Problem


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Three cases of telecoms Conflict of Interest (CoI): case Berkeley, case FCC and case ICES –  the CoI were possibly disclosed but does it mean that CoI were nullified and avoided? Americans are very conscious about the potential Conflict of … Continue reading

Is ICNIRP reliable enough to dictate meaning of science to the governmental risk regulators?


…This post on ICNIRP was written in 2016… and it is still valid… This post is a follow up to my posts published on April 4 and April 5, 2016. ***** In my two blog posts, ‘ICNIRP did it again…’ … Continue reading

Australia’s independent audit of smart meters – do not have any hopes…


On July 15, 2014, Australian news site published a brief story: ‘Reports of illness prompt audit of smart meter radiation‘. Those, who have any hopes that this audit will help to resolve the problem of smart meters and reports … Continue reading


STUK and Finland, where only a single opinion is permitted…


This post was updated on May 15, 2014… European Union is in an economic crisis. In Finland, the official (=government) opinion is that the one and the only way to survive is to remain in EU and retain common currency. … Continue reading

Call for an overhaul of SCENIHR membership


Recently, I posted several blogs on SCENIHR, presenting my own opinion and two opinions coming from Radiation Research Trust, UK (link 1; link 2) In my own opinion blog on SCENIHR, I stated the following about the membership of SCENIHR: … Continue reading