Frontiers in Radiation and Health: The Grand Challenge


The ‘Radiation and Health‘, a specialty of the ‘Frontiers in Public Health‘ published its first article: The Grand Challenge: Use of a New Approach in Developing Policies in the Area of Radiation and Health In Frontiers’ journals, publication of the … Continue reading


Peter Wiedemann responds to my post on the ‘Letter to the Editor’


In one of my previous blogs I criticized recently published in journal Bioelectromagnetics ‘Letter to the Editor’. Later on, the ‘Letter to the Editor’ was also vigorously debated in discussion of BioEM2014 Cape Town group on LinkedIn. My opinion about … Continue reading

‘Letter to the Editor’ of the Bioelectromagnetics journal: A travesty of science


Bioelectromagnetics, a peer-review journal of the Bioelectromagnetics Society and the European Bioelectromagnetics Association has just published a ‘Letter to the Editor‘: Wiedemann PM, Boerner FU, Repacholi MH. Do people understand IARC’s 2B categorization of RF fields from cell phones? Bioelectromagnetics. … Continue reading