Publication of the NTP study on DNA “damage” – hold your horses… do not jump to premature conclusions…


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…final update, added on October 24, 2019, is available at the end of this blog post… Yesterday, October 21, 2019, the ‘Environmental and Molecular Mutagenesis‘ has published the peer-reviewed article of the effects of RF on DNA, obtained in the … Continue reading

Henry Lai: cautionary words on “calcium hypothesis” in the science of EMF


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UPDATE: Read also this Compilation of blog posts on incompetence and harm caused by Martin Pall There has been “floated around” opinion that “calcium channels are the main, possibly the sole target for EMFs”. This opinion is somewhat uncritically praised and … Continue reading

Hypothesis on mechanism for the ELF-EMF-induced biological effects


As the Chief Editor of the Frontiers in Radiation and Health (a specialty of the Frontiers in Public Health) it is my pleasure to announce that the FiR&H journal has just published its second article. The final version of the … Continue reading

Expert Roundtable: Skeptical About Cell Phones and Health?


The Expert Roundtable event took place on December 9, 2013 at the Commonwealth Club of California in San Francisco. I was listed as one of the participants. However, because I was not able to participate in person, my participation was … Continue reading

• “Nothing New Under the Sky” – the new WHO Research Agenda


  WHO has released  2010 Research Agenda for Radiofrequency Fields ( It is new but, to my great disappointment, there is nothing new. The opinion, as expected is very much influenced by the ICNIRP. Out of the 19 experts who … Continue reading