BioEM2016: The NTP study (part 2/3)


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The most anticipated event of the BioEM2016 was the last moment addition of the presentation of the US NIEHS National Toxicology Program study on effects of cell phone radiation in rats and mice. The 8AM Wednesday plenary session was provocatively … Continue reading

Leszczynski’s presentation at the EMANET2015 in Mersin, Turkey


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Today, Nov. 13 (Friday), 2015, I spoke on wireless communication and health at the electromagnetics meeting EMANET2015 in Mersin, Turkey. EMANET meetings are organized every two years. The first and the second meetings were organized in Istanbul. This year’s, the … Continue reading


ARPANSA Report: No epiphany, just déjà vu, all over again


From time to time are published new reports, reviewing scientific evidence on possible health risks of cell phone and cell-phone-like radiation. Reading them, I do not experience epiphany feeling but, often, I experience déjà vu feeling. I often have the … Continue reading

Leszczynski’s presentation at FELO Conference in Oslo now available on Youtube


Youtube carries now my presentation at FELO Conference in Oslo, Norway on March 28, 2014 is now available in full, not only slides (DL presentation FELO, Oslo, March 2014) but now also audio and video. I would like to extend … Continue reading

Guest Blog from Mike Repacholi


see also: Leszczynski of BRHP responds to comments in Repacholi’s guest blog commenting period for this guest blog has ended This is the first guest blog on BRHP. The opinions expressed in it are of Mike Repacholi himself. Publication of … Continue reading

Recently in Finnish newsmedia


Recently some Finnish newspapers published critical stories concerning the end of the research of the biological effects of cell phone radiation at STUK (see links below). Ended were not only the laboratory studies on cells but also the human volunteer … Continue reading

• How was the passing OLD YEAR 2011?


As Christmas is over and the New Year 2012 is fast approaching this is the time of the year when we look back at what was achieved during the past 12 months. Let’s briefly look at several areas such as: … Continue reading