EHC consultation – response from Eric van Rongen to my last blog


Eric van Rongen responded to my recent blog post on EHC consultation. Apparently, because only Eric’s name was mentioned in my correspondence with Emilie van Deventer. Only Eric was mentioned as a and, I assumed, he was Chair of … Continue reading

Consultation on WHO’s EHC on RF is a sham – decision of “no health effects” was made already


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On November 11, 2014, in Wollongong, Australia, took place workshop organized by ICNIRP, ACEBR and ARPANSA. The workshop briefly presented and reviewed opinions of ICNIRP about the health hazard of RF exposures. Following the ICNIRP/ACEBR/ARPANSA workshop was the Science & … Continue reading

WHO draft of EHC for RF is late and incomplete – consultation is futile, at this time


…comments are open for this post… The very, very long awaited WHO Environmental Health Criteria Monograph on Radio-Frequency Fields (EHC-RF) is finally, but only partly, available. The process of making the EHC-RF is disappointingly slow and disappointingly secretive and disappointingly … Continue reading