Update on the ongoing EHS project… and an updated deadline

The EHS project is ongoing.

There was a great interest in the EHS Project as a 1053 questionnaires were downloaded till now.  Individual language downloads were as follows:

  • in English 518
  • in Finnish 227
  • in German 158
  • in French 77
  • in Dutch 31
  • in Italian 26
  • in Spanish 16

Considering that I have asked for responses from EHS persons who were diagnosed by a physician or, at least, have seen a physician and were in some way tested, surprisingly many questionnaires were send back to me. To be exact, as of Aug. 20, 2022, I have received 120 questionnaire responses. It is a pretty high number,when compared with some other EHS projects…

There is still a time to participate.

  • If you consider yourself to have EHS.
  • If doctor has diagnosed your EHS.
  • If doctor didn’t diagnose your EHS but doctor examined you and performed some tests.

Respond to my questionnaire that is available here. Write responses in your e-mail body (in any language, I use a translator). You don’t need to re-write questions… just write the number of the question followed by your answer. Important, provide only information that questions ask about.

Because the EHS Project funding runs out in the end of October 2022, the NEW, UPDATED DEADLINE for questionnaires’ return is: October 1, 2022!

I am the only person that sees the answers and analyses them. Nobody else will ever see individual questionnaires…


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