Sudden passing of Professor Franz Adlkofer

I am very saddened by the just received message of the sudden passing of Professor Franz Xavier Adlkofer (born 1935).

Excerpt from the just received message from Franz’s daughter:

Dear Leszczynski, thank you so much for your kind words. Our father and husband died on the 18th of June [2022] during his vacation on Paros, the little greek island. His most beloved place with the view over the ocean to Naxos. So sudden and unexpected. He did not suffer at all, which helps to grieve. I hope that you will continue the work he was dedicated to achieve.”

I have meet Franz in 1998/9 in Munich at the planning meeting of the EU REFLEX project. Ever since, we collaborated scientifically. Franz was a very big and staunch supporter of what I have been doing in EMF science. Over the period of more than 20 years we have become very good friends.

With the passing of Franz, the non-ICNIRP EMF arena loses one of its most important personalities, thinkers and leaders.

RIP Franz…



5 thoughts on “Sudden passing of Professor Franz Adlkofer

  1. I only met Dr. Adlkofer once, when I was seated next to him at a BEMS dinner in Maui. He told me he was going to be making a big announcement the next day at the conference about the outcome of the REFLEX study. He was so enthusiastic and looking forward. When I heard and later read all that ensued afterwards, I was upset. I’m sure it all took a big toll on him. I am so very sorry to hear of his sudden passing. I’m glad at least that he was in a place that he loved.

  2. So sorry to hear this, Dariusz… The area of the non-ICNIRP scientists is getting smaller and smaller. We are losing giants now, not to mention clear-eyed friends… Best Regards,Blake Levitt

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  4. Sorry about the loss of Franz. Met him a couple of times and had mail exchanges with him.

  5. It is a so bad news. I am also very sad when hearing of the message. Wish he be well in heaven.



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