Grant awarded – Leszczynski’s EHS project has started, and is looking for additional volunteers

Please, send answers as soon as possible so that I can extract data and start analysis. However, for late volunteers, I will be accepting responses to questionnaire till the deadline of OCTOBER 1, 2022 (NEW & FINAL).


ANSWERS to questions don’t need to be as pdf.

ANSWERS can be send as word files or can be directly written in e-mail text.









The Finnish Electrosensitivity Foundation has awarded Dariusz Leszczynski with a grant to study EHS. Call for EHS volunteer participants and a very brief description of what this project is about, has been published earlier:

At this point, some 120+ EHS persons from Australia, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, The Netherlands, Norway, Peru, Poland, Sweden, Switzerland and USA, have volunteered and they will receive today e-mail with series of preliminary questions.

However, the more volunteers participate in the project, the more robust and reliable conclusions on EHS can be made.

If you are person suffering of EHS and

  • you have been diagnosed to have EHS by physician, or
  • you have been examined by physician but EHS diagnosis has not been made

and you are interested in participation in this EHS project, please, contact me: blogbrhp [at] Also, you may simply answer the questionnaire available above and send it to me.


14 thoughts on “Grant awarded – Leszczynski’s EHS project has started, and is looking for additional volunteers

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  4. 1. Nobody influences my scientific opinions, as seen from my long scientific career.
    2. My opinion on the provocation studies is explained in my recent review of EHS studies.

  5. Dear Dariusz,

    I would have appreciated it more if you had assured that your contract with the Foundation does not contain any passage that gives the Foundation influence on your EHS project. It would be even better if you, in agreement with the Foundation, disclose the contract and only obscure the fee. Then you and the foundation are free from any suspicion.

    Change of subject

    In 2014 you wrote on BRHP (

    “The most ridiculous scientifically argument, often presented publicly, is that the EHS persons cannot distinguish when radiation is on and when it is off. This is often presented as sort of ultimate proof that EHS does not exist and EHS symptoms are not caused by EMF. That is really bad science. If the person recognized when radiation is on and when it is off, this would be a proof. But when person does not recognize it does not say anything. It does not say that EHS exists and it does not say that EHS does not exist. It does not prove anything. Who of us could “feel” X-rays or UV radiation – we do not feel it, see it, smell it, but it does what it does…”

    I don’t get it! From my point of view, a negative provocation test is very much evidence.

    Many years ago, I wanted to perform such a test with on-board means on an “electrosensitive” person who claimed to develop symptoms after 15 minutes at the latest with weak EMF exposure. With de-exposure she would be free of symptoms again after 15 minutes. Please have a look at my simple test proposal ( and explain to me what is wrong with it.

  6. 1. I have openly informed what entity funded my project – EHS Foundation in Finland.
    2. Your claim is false. It is EHS Foundation that sponsors my grant and not “the richest family in Finland” as you incorrectly claim.
    3. MOT program is an example of a very poor journalism. None of the “experts” they used has ever done any RF health research.
    4. I have complained about this lack of expertise to MOT journalists before and after the program was made but they did nor bother to respond in any way.
    5. EHS Foundation, by definition, supports research that may find more about causes of EHS. It is no surprise that I have applied for funding there.
    6. Yes, one of the persons on board of the Foundation considers itself EHS and is interested in research on EHS. This doesn’t make any scientific problem. I want to study EHS, she wants that EHS will be studied.
    7. It is not uncommon that wealthy or famous persons, having some health problem, sponsor research on this health problem. So, nothing extraordinary here.
    8. EHS Foundation is not for profit entity. They do not profit financially of the results of research that they sponsor (e.g. my research). Fact that some foundations might be rich or that some donors might be rich does not make it biased, as long as they do not profit financially of the sponsored research.
    9. Apparently you are proverbially “barking under the wrong tree”.

  7. Dear Dariusz,
    Finland’s richest family has a member who believes she is “electrosensitive.” This family is funding your EHS project. Don’t you think you should say a few strong words about the possible conflict of interest resulting from this circumstance as a precaution? What I am claiming here has been credibly researched by journalists from MOT (Yle), see

  8. The major German websites have English subsites and also report from abroad. So the language barrier cannot be the reason for their inactivity. But you have already mentioned the solution to the problem: Inform the websites in question directly – and after 14 days check whether they have woken up. Good luck!

  9. Wasn’t it me who has informed your website on the EHS project plan?
    German websites don’t follow my blog because it is in English and rather seldom German activists speak this language. Those who speak are following my blog as private persons.
    Maybe I should sent info to these German websites…

  10. Dear Dariusz,

    It’s hard to believe, but I just realised that in the German-speaking countries only the (evil) IZgMF is drawing attention to your EHS project. Those who would be more likely to do so are all silent. See for yourself:


    It looks like all these websites are boycotting you and your EHS project! Do you have any idea why?

    After all, eight months have passed since your first call in the IZgMF, so the website operators have had more than enough time to take care of your project. It would be understandable if one or two of them were asleep, but all of them?

  11. Congratulations, Dariusz!

    I will post this on our social media pages & all the best with recruiting volunteers.

    Warm regards
    Lyn McLean
    EMR Australia PL
    02 9576 1772


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