Videos of the presentations at the BioEM2021 EHS workshop

Below are, with the permission of all the presenters, videos of the 4 presentations of the EHS Workshop at the BioEM2021 conference in Ghent, Belgium.

PowerPoint pdfs of all slides are available from this link.

Introduction to the workshop – Dariusz Leszczynski

Presentation by Maël Dieudonné

Presentation by Martin Röösli

Presentation by Dariusz Leszczynski


4 thoughts on “Videos of the presentations at the BioEM2021 EHS workshop

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  3. Clearly, you are commenting without bothering to find out who the speaker is and what his opinions are.

  4. You seem to dismiss all science and reports for several decades that show effects from non-thermal RF, if I heard you right in these videos. Are you denying all biological effects of RF?

    Have you read all the military findings, such as the compilation of 2000+ international studies compiled by Zory R. Glaser showing biological effects in 1971?

    Are you aware that the current (1996) US IEEE RF standards makers acknowledged their awareness that other characteristics of exposure, such as modulation, frequency and peak intensity may pose a risk to health?
    Did you know that these standards authors (mainly military industry people)
    wrote they were aware of the existence of “modulation ¬specific effects, such as efflux of calcium ions” (resulting in harmful effects on cells)?

    Click to access 2016-ANSIandIEEEStandardsUSExposuresLimitsAHistoryofTheirCreationbyLloydMorganEHTwebsite.pdf

    Please take the biological effects shown in science and recognized by officials and military experts into consideration as possible REASONS for symptoms (and also impacts on people without symptoms). Of course, if all effects are dismissed then there can be no biological reason for symptoms or damaging impacts. The industry would be home free.

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