Individual sensitivity is the key to solving the EMF health puzzle


3 thoughts on “Individual sensitivity is the key to solving the EMF health puzzle

  1. Results of our individual sensitivity study: “Relative changes in the EEG beta1 power in P3-P4 channels were selected for evaluation of individual sensitivity. The rate of subjects significantly
    affected is similar in all groups except for the 1000 Hz group: in first group 3 subjects (16%) at 7 Hz
    modulation; in second group 4 subjects (31%) at 14 Hz modulation and 3 subjects (23%) at 21 Hz
    modulation; in third group 3 subjects (20%) at 40 Hz and 2 subjects (13%) at 70 Hz modulation;
    in fourth group 3 subjects (16%) at 217 Hz and 0 subjects at 1000 Hz modulation frequency.”
    Bioelectromagnetics 29:527–538, 2008.

  2. Yes, agree. The variation in the way we humans perceive, filter and react to stimuli matters a lot #neurodiversity

  3. I fully agree with this statement for RF-EMFs. But the same holds true for ELF frequencies emitted from household appliances, as I noticed over tens of years in the Netherlands! Let’s look indeed into the epigenetic effects of childhood calamities that will influence parts of the brain functions and immune activation.
    Hugo Schooneveld, Adviser to the Dutch EHS Foundation

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