Call for Temporary Moratorium on 5G Deployment

The currently ongoing deployment of the fifth generation of the wireless communication technology (5G) is being met with a great enthusiasm by the telecommunication industry, national governments and portion of the general public. However, there is also some resistance from the part of the population, caused by the uncertainty whether radiation emitted by the 5G networks and devices will have any effects on human health and environmental impact on fauna and flora.

The 5G wireless communication technology that is being deployed comprises of parts of the used already 3G and 4G technologies. The radiation emitted by the predecessors of the 5G, the radiation frequencies emitted by the 3G and 4G technologies, has been classified by the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC), as a possible human carcinogen. IARC evaluation did not concern the frequencies above 6 GHz, especially the currently prepared for use 26 and 28 GHz bands and the whole spectrum of 30–300 GHz frequencies that will be used by 5G in coming years.

Recently published safety guidelines by the International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection (ICNIRP), claiming that mm-waves radiation exposure limits are protecting all users, are only an assumption that is not sufficiently based on science, because the research on effects of mm-waves on skin has not been done yet. ICNIRP’s claim that the safety limits protect all users, no matter of their age or their health status, are only assumption with insufficient scientific basis.

The notion, often presented by industry and in the news media, that mm-waves will not be of health concern because they are entirely absorbed by skin, is absolutely misleading. Skin is not just a “physiologically inert overcoat”. Skin is involved in regulation of the immune response, cardiovascular functions, or neurological functions.

Skin is the only organ of the human body, besides the eyes, that will be directly exposed to the mm-waves of the 5G technology. As I presented in recent review of science, the whole scientific evidence on the possible effects of mm-waves on skin and skin cells consists of only some 99 studies, where 11 are human volunteer studies, 54 are animal in vivo studies (rats & mice) and 34 are in vitro laboratory studies using human and animal cell cultures. These studies examined only short-term acute effects of the exposure that do not provide any information about the possible delayed or long-term-exposure effects. Furthermore, the effects of mm-waves were examined in separation from other frequencies used by 5G and in separation from other environmental stressors (chemicals and radiations). Possibility of any co-effects and/or synergistic effects were not yet examined at all.

There is an urgent need for research on the biological and health effects of mm-waves because, using the currently available evidence on skin effects, the claims that “we know skin and human health will not be affected” as well as the claims that “we know skin and human health will be affected” are premature assumptions, lacking sufficient scientific basis.

In this situation, it would be prudent to place temporary moratorium on 5G deployment, while progressing with health research.


6 thoughts on “Call for Temporary Moratorium on 5G Deployment

  1. I am not participating in popularity context. I am presenting my opinions on science and policy. I am unable to join groups when I don’t agree with them on science as a whole or on some particular topics.

  2. Dear Dariusz, your work is very commendable, but do you think that by going as a sniper you will be more successful? . So far the data says no. Other web pages have had the same or higher readings

  3. Comment from Victor Leach of ORSAA, I received by e-mail

    Hi Dariusz,
    I had trouble posting this comment below

    “Dariusz as always you hit the nail on the head. There are major problems with treating skin as just a overcoat or a wet sponge as ICNIRP do in their assessment of the health effects of millimetre waves. As you pointed out they ignore the fact that skin is part of our whole-body system. The ICRP critical organ approach is lost on ICNIRP. The skin as an organ which is rich in nerves and is the bodies first defence from chemical or mechanical exposure. These receptors carry out abundant innervation associated with the central nervous system. Skin innervation is carried out by both branches of the cerebrospinal nerves and nerves of the autonomic nervous system. Skin is rich in protective bacteria. Skin is part of our immune, waste management, endocrine system. ICNIRP ignore all these bioeffects in setting their limits. ICNIRP say there are no health effects but heating, this is hollow assurances with no research. There is no research on the other critical organ being the sclera of the eyes. I could not find one research article. Questions like: How do millimetre waves interact with Vitamin D production? are just some of the questions that go unanswered. More importantly what will the health effects on children? What will be the environmental damage to other animals and insects that we share this plant with? With ICNIRP we now have an academic psychologist in charge of a health committee on radiation.“
    All The Best Vic

  4. 1. So far the group calls were not successfull…
    2. In all group calls there were some opinions that I agreed with but many that I didn’t… this is the reason to act as “lone scientist” but not alone… my blog had over 88.000 reads in 2020…

  5. In Europe and the US, there are initiatives by civil society organizations and initiatives by researchers and scientists on electromagnetic fields. Wouldn’t it be better to join one of them or launch a collective call from several researchers?

  6. With Joe Biden as President I wonder if he will ever be called out on his lack of concern post his statement in about 2005 with the Justice Robert’s confirmation hearing and his Mark my words implied concerns when it came to the correlating science of health or even mental health concerns with technology & non ionizing radiation. More so in light of the testing to have taking place in Wuhan China with the new system coming . I’d love to hear his take on the topic and say the Havana syndrome questions for this like say the Hitler Molar Mic or Phone bridge ghost affect from the synergic reactions of say Bone Conduction & or variations of the bio electric / radio antenna affect or near-field magnetic induction via synergic reactions from leaching heavy metals dental amalgam’s and radio frequency can cause induced tinnitus and wreak havoc on one’s psych, And the symptom’s can distort Mental Illness and create problems for social communications . Like the Cuba Embassy event such things can make it a night mare trying to distinguish between acts of war and the general common factors . Historically to so it was called the Hitler Phone bridge or ghost affect and the cold war the matters was a concerns in of mind control or to influence judgement . There is or was a training cartoon made by dod /oss / signal corps in the 40’s called Private SNAFU Booby traps 1944

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