The 5th International Conference: The development of mobile communications networks in the era of disinformation

9.12.2020 – conference is ongoing and I am tweeting… @blogbrhp

Conference organized by Poland in collaboration with European Union.

Conference is part of a project to counter-balance disinformation on 5G, developed by 15 EU countries (see here).

Here are several of the more internationally known speakers at the conference (alphabetically):

  • Ken Foster, USA
  • Sarah Loughran, Australia
  • Dariusz Leszczynski, Finland (slides will be available here on 10.12.2020)
  • Jack Rowley, Australia
  • Mike Wood, Australia

Conference is on-line and takes place on:

  • December 9th, 2020 from 9AM – 5:30PM (Warsaw time)
  • December 10th, 2020, from 9AM – 6:20PM (Warsaw time)

Free registration is required to connect and follow the presentations

PROGRAM (full)

List of speakers (full) 


8 thoughts on “The 5th International Conference: The development of mobile communications networks in the era of disinformation

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  2. Could the following be an alternative title to the conference: “How to deploy more communications networks in spite of the fact that some people say that the increased RF radiation level will harm human health and we cannot promise that this will not happen” ?

  3. Dave, you are quite right. The starting point of the debate in this conference is that any disagreement with ICNIRP science evaluation equals disinformation or misinformation.

  4. This conference addresses ‘the era of disinformation’.
    How ironic it is, then, that many of the individuals speaking at this event are themselves purveyors of misinformation: e.g. that ICNIRP’s thermally-based Guidelines fully protect us, that cancers of the head, neck, breast, testes etc. are never related to mobile/cell phone use, that 5G is unambiguously safe, that mobile masts/cell towers/small cells etc. are entirely benign, and that electromagnetic hypersensitivity is a ‘nocebo effect’.
    Presumably, the recent report produced by the U.S. National Academy of Sciences concerning ‘Havana Syndrome’, suggesting pulsed RF radiation as the likely cause, is also misinformation, and IARC’s classification of RF Radiation as a Group 2B Possible Carcinogen is a mistake which should urgently be reversed?
    What the world really needs at the moment is independent and rigorous science on EMFs. which is completely transparent, and untainted by vested interests. Look what we get instead. Non-stop industry propaganda…

  5. Yes, in my opinion you have to be precise and rigorous when making generalized claims such as “anti 5G activists” because you can run the risk of bias or misinformation. When scientists are referred to, it is not generalized, they are distinguished by name or by belonging to an organization (ICNIRP / WHO …)

  6. By the same logic we should not refer to scientists as a group or to industry executives because they also represent variety of opinions within the group. Scientists are diverse group. Industry executives are diverse group. And anti-5G activists are diverse group. And so on and on…

  7. Putting together 5G activists as a whole is also a process of disinformation. There are in the world from strange characters, anti-vaccines, supporters of a world conspiracy and people of the extreme right to a large part of honest people who maintain their criticism of 5G, based on the weight of the available scientific evidence and the principle of caution.

    It would be wise not to put all anti-5G activists in the same bag. This is also a disinformation mechanism (in some cases, used by mobile phone operators and lobbies)

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