Part 3 – positive news on: An Open Message to ICNIRP’s Eric van Rongen and Rodney Croft

Response from Rodney Croft, Chairman of ICNIRP is coming soon…

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There is not yet available response to my Open Message to van Rongen and Croft but – it is coming. It is a very positive development and I am sincerely grateful to Rodney Croft.

On October 28, 2020, I have sent my last attempt e-mail to Rodney Croft and Eric van Rongen. Here is what I wrote:

Dear Eric and Rodney,

I asked you several questions concerning ICNIRP opinions on EMF and health. I did not receive any valid response. The only response was from Rodney asking to send specific questions through ICNIRP website or directly to ICNIRP members. My original letter to ICNIRP was addressed specifically to two ICNIRP members, Eric and Rodney. Attempt to send the letter via ICNIRP website failed because of the limit of words that was possible to insert into form for contacting ICNIRP.

I set to you two reminders, asking whether I shall expect any answers and, if so, when you might be able to provide responses.

I did not receive any response to my last e-mail asking for when, if any, response can be provided by you, Eric and Rodney.

This is my last reminder sent to you both, where I am asking whether you will be kind enough to respond to my specific questions. If I do not receive any response I will be forced to consider that it is a hostile attitude towards scientist, critical of ICNIRP, asking questions about the scientific basis for the ICNIRP opinions.

I sincerely hope to hear from you. Best wishes, Dariusz

Today, on October 29, 2020 I received the following message from Rodney Croft:

Dear Dariusz,

I would be happy to respond to your emails providing that you would post this response, without alteration, in the same place as you published your original open letter. My response would include comment about your request (independent of the science), as well as comment relevant to your questions. Would that be suitable for you?

Regards, Rodney

It is a very positive development. No matter what Rodney Croft will respond on science and no matter what he will respond independently of science.

Of course, I have agreed that I will immediately publish here, on BRHP blog, Croft’s response in full, without any alterations. So, please, if interested, check my blog or confidentially register your e-mail and you will receive announcement immediately when Rodney Croft’s response was published.

Rodney Croft will respond and it will be on the record.


2 thoughts on “Part 3 – positive news on: An Open Message to ICNIRP’s Eric van Rongen and Rodney Croft

  1. Dear Dariusz,
    thank you for your tenacity in this and your hard work with regard to the (potentially) adverse health effects of EMF. I am looking forward to reading Rodney Croft’s answer.

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