Podcast on ‘5G and health’ on Australia’s triple j Hack by ABC radio

The short, 10 minutes (!?), podcast on 5G and health is out. Listen and let me know what do you think about this program? Comments, please!


5G topic at ca. 20:00 of the podcast

Presented comments and opinions are from:

  • Rodney Croft,
  • Dariusz Leszczynski
  • Ken Karipidis
  • Don Maisch
  • radio’s own Dr. Karl


5 thoughts on “Podcast on ‘5G and health’ on Australia’s triple j Hack by ABC radio

  1. Very disappointing. When it comes to the ABC they show their bias. The way Marianne Demasi was treated over the catalyst program was disgraceful. Dr Karl who really knows nothing about this subject showed his ignorance. This is anything but balanced reporting. What a rubbish interview.

  2. The 5G seams to be fair on these interviews and the non-thermal effects left apart (we’ve already satellite radiations and are used to them and so on). I’m afraid the population won’t be protected.

  3. Most of my opinions were left out. I spoke with the journalist for 15-20min. My part presented in the podcast is very small.
    Indeed, it seems that the preference was given to Croft and Karipidis.
    The most “ridiculous” opinion was presented by Dr. Karl when he said that we deal with non-ionizing radiation that is unable to cause cancer. Dr. Karl should go back to school as his knowledge of biology is insufficient. We need to remember that agent can “cause” cancer either by inducing mutations or by causing changes in cells that support survival of cells with mutation, acquired spontaneously or caused by some other agent.
    I am disappointed in the way how this podcast was developed.

  4. My first impression after listening to the podcast was that most of what I said about 5G was edited out from the program and whomever edited the interviews seemed to give more weight to Croft, Karipidis and Dr. Karl. I don’t know to what extent they edited your interview. Overall it seemed to me to be a bit of a hack job in favour of the old thermal effects only school of thought exonerating 5G as being perfectly safe. A poor job on part of the presenter who obviously did not know of the limitations of the standards in relation to 5G. A Triple J Hack job indeed!

    Don Maisch PhD

  5. Very disappointing. Especially when the pod caster gave ‘your’ consensus, when it could have been explained by yourself, if that was even correct. I feel you you’ve been discredited by lack of time, where you were placed and what statements of yours they ‘chose’ to put into the discussion. The other scientists were certainly wearing their tap shoes and dancing around the caller’s questions. NJS (Motorola vs. Murray/consolidated cases plaintiff.)

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