Wireless communication: The influence of the ’down-under’

Since my first RF-related visit in Australia in 2010, I have been every year coming ‘down-under’ with university lectures, lectures at the ARPANSA and lectures for the general public. I also worked as Visiting Professor in the laboratory of Prof. Andrew Wood at the Swinburne University of Technology.

My most recent visit was in May/June 2018 when I had a lecture on 5G and health at the special 5G-session of the EMERG meeting held in ARPANSA’s Melbourne offices.

Now, I am again preparing to travel down-under with the very important message on the EHS in the 5G era.

Program of my visit will be posted here in due time, as well as the report from what I have seen and learned…

For those “wondering” why, yet again, Australia, I have a simple list of names of Australians. It shows how influential Australia is in the wireless communications regulatory and research arena.

In the wireless communication Australia is certainly not ‘down-under’- Australia is ‘on-the-top’ and very influential…


3 thoughts on “Wireless communication: The influence of the ’down-under’

  1. And to understand why that’s significant just read Don Maisch’s chapter “Spin in the Antipodes – A History Of Industry Involvement in Telecommunications Health Research in Australia” in last year’s book “Corporate Ties That Bind”.
    Good luck with your upcoming trip. Your tireless work is highly appreciated.

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