Something potentially BIG is brewing down-under for the 5G – A class action lawsuit

WLT_Blog_Evolution_of_Wireless_Network_djb2bzIn 80’s, when the 1G mobile technology was commercialized, things were easy for the telecom industry. Users of the expensive and cumbersome technology were few and, therefore, the number of those concerned with potential health effects was small. The knowledge about the biological and health effects of microwaves was available but not many were aware of it.

Today, some 40 years later, when the 5G technology is going to be deployed on a massive scale, things are different. There is a huge number of the users of the already existing 3G and 4G technology and the applications of the 5G and IoT will make the numbers soar. Everyone, in order to function in the society, will be forced to use 5G and IoT and whether willing or not will be exposed 24/7 to the radiation energy at close distances.

The knowledge of the potential risks of the radiation energy emitted by the wireless communication appliances has increased over the 40 years. The WHO agency, IARC, has classified in 2011 radiation energy emitted by the 3G and 4G devices as possible human carcinogen (2B classification). Since then, additional studies in humans (epidemiology) and in animals (toxicology) have indicated that this radiation energy is not only possible human carcinogen (2B IARC classification) but it should be currently classified as a probable human carcinogen (2A IARC classification).

Besides the radiation energy that is emitted already by the 3G and 4G appliances, the coming deployment of the 5G technology will add a new modality of exposure – the millimeter-waves. Our knowledge about the biological and health effects of the millimeter-waves is extremely limited. How the health of billions of users of the 5G will be affected by the 5G-emitted radiation energy is a complete enigma.

wireless-network-picture-id649900756.jpg.454x250_q96_cropIn this situation of an extreme uncertainty and extreme lack of scientific knowledge anyone claiming that the 5G will be safe for the whole humanity, because all people on earth will be affected/exposed, is completely baseless.

Thus, no wonder that people would like to slow down the massive deployment of the 5G and give researchers time to conduct studies.

Australia seems to be leading the way in both, eagerness to deploy the 5G and efforts to slow this process down.

A class action lawsuit is being developed in Australia to slow down deployment of the 5G.

This message I just received from the down-under:

“…You are invited to attend a landmark event. This is BIG news.

A Class Action Lawsuit is in the process of being filed on behalf of the citizens of Australia. It addresses those entities within Government and industry seen to be failing in their duty to protect the public from harmful electromagnetic radiation (EMR) emitted by consumer products and related infrastructure.

The intent is not to curtail useful technology, but rather prompt a comprehensive overhaul of outdated EMR safety standards so as to incorporate the full gamut of scientific evidence, as well as the true meaning of the internationally mandated “precautionary principle”. A significant part of this process involves community education and empowerment.

It is our good fortune that Barrister Ray Broomhall, of the prestigious Justice Michael Kirby Chambers in Tasmania, has agreed to take up this cause. He will be conducting a series of face-to-face briefings with the newly formed Environment and Communities Safe from Radiation Assn. Inc. (ECSFR), and members of the public who wish to attend. Assisting will be a medical doctor, radiation scientists, and team of compensation and human rights lawyers.

Specific legal procedures will be presented to enable concerned organisations and individuals to prevail over the commercial self-interest of electro-technology corporations and their Government regulators. This type of action is particularly timely due to the planned 5G network that will attempt to enforce installation of many thousands of microwave transmitters throughout populated areas.

Here are the details of the first scheduled meeting:

Date: 4 August
Time: 3:30- 9:00pm
Place: St. John’s Primary School Hall,11 Murwillumbah Rd, Mullumbimby NSW

3:30 – Doors open
4:00 – 4:15 Welcome to Country, the event and our association
4:15 – 5:00 Mr. Victor Leach – ORSAA
5:00 – 6:30 Dr. Russell Cooper
6:30 – 7:00 Soup/tea/coffee break and local music
7:00 – 9:00 Barrister Raymond Broomhall

This is the standard of undertaking many of us have long awaited. If you have been considering the risks of personal exposure to EMR, and not known how to effectively respond, here is an opportunity to join forces with the first legally supported initiative of its kind. There is no requested fee for doing so since, by definition, a Nationwide Class Action includes all non-objecting citizens of Australia.

We look forward to seeing you there. Please also spread word throughout your social network so as many persons as possible may take part. Everyone is welcome. For those who cannot attend, the event will be live streamed at:

Let’s work together to reclaim our health and environment from the unjustifiable proliferation of health threatening electro-pollution.

For further information contact:


16 thoughts on “Something potentially BIG is brewing down-under for the 5G – A class action lawsuit

  1. Will look into it… Court stuff is usually slow and funding-money-dependent

  2. What’s been happening with this!! It’s May 2020 and it seems like the roll out is on steroids already!

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  4. Thank you very much for your effort to safe the health of our planet and all living creatures.
    I am efm sensitive and do know how horrible it feels for me, I would not know where to go and live if this 5G is really coming to all places, and there wouldn’t be anyplace when it is spread from satellites covering the whole world.

  5. We would love a class action in the US!! A group of us have been trying locally with no success. The utilities are too big to go up against, or they have paid people off. I believe it will come to a head here — wish it would be sooner than later! Thanks for your insight & blog!!

  6. Yes it is ! Wonderful it is get world wide attention…. The whole town is behind it…. only thing is if it go wrong or they find a loop hole… any other time some other country or town gets it… they will be on lock down before it even start…. This is a land mark case… the world should get behind it send in our best to finish the job once and for ALL…

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  8. This needs to happen worldwide and sychronized to happen all at the same time

  9. The reason ICNIRP members claim EHS does not exsit, is because they have not felt the debilitating effects of the radiation, the truth is the only people qualified and expert enough to judge the levels at which the pain dissapears, are those that have been affected these are the true experts.

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  11. Awesome!! Thank you.

    Shine and Succeed!

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    On 30 July 2018 at 17:19, BRHP – Between a Rock and a Hard Place wrote:

    > dariuszleszczynski posted: “In 80’s, when the 1G mobile technology was > commercialized, things were easy for the telecom industry. Users of the > expensive and cumbersome technology were few and, therefore, the number of > those concerned with potential health effects was small. The know” >

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