Leszczynski: Report from the AOCRP-5, Melbourne, Australia

The AOCRP-5 Congress’ predecessors, the Asian and Oceanic Association for Radiation Protection Congresses, were held in Seoul (2002), Beijing (2006), Tokyo (2010) and Kuala Lumpur (2014). The fifth congress of the series, the AOCRP-5 – Congress of the Australasian Radiation Protection Society, was held in May 2018 in Melbourne, Australia. The AOCRP-5 was also the IRPA – International Radiation Protection Association Regional Meeting for 2018 in the Asia-Pacific Region.

A sizable part of the AOCRP-5 program was devoted to the non-ionizing radiation emitted by the wireless devices.

Leszczynski Report from the AOCRP-5

Concluding Words from the Report:

There is an urgent need to start research studies examining effects of millimeter-waves on human health. However, there is a strong resistance from the telecom industry and from the decision-makers to start new research programs. ICNIRP and the telecoms strongly propagate the idea that the low power of EMF emissions from the 5G devices will guarantee that human health will not be affected. However, the same assurances were made in 70’s when the first generation of cell phones was commercialized, followed by the unlimited spread of the 2G, 3G and 4G devices – as long as the device emits radiation within the ICNIRP guidelines it is considered as safe, what is not necessarily the case as shown by a number of research studies. As a direct consequence of the scientific research, in 2011 the International Agency for Research on Cancer has classified radiation emitted by the cell phones and cell towers as a possible human carcinogen. This classification appears to be strengthened by the new research studies on 3G and 4G-emitted EMF published after year 2011. What the biomedical research on millimeter-waves, performed in the future, will show is a complete enigma. However, no matter what the future research will show, the 5G technology will be by then fully deployed and without any possibility of reverse because the whole future life of the humanity will be based and dependent on the functioning of the 5G radiation-emitting devices. This is a unique situation in the history of the human kind when the whole human population will be exposed to man-made devices emitting non-ionizing radiation that was insufficiently tested before deployment. What is and what will be the responsibility of the scientists, decision-makers and industry leaders who permit deployment of insufficiently tested technology that will affect us all? The answer is simple – no responsibility… because if any health problems will show up in the future, these will most likely take tens of years of time to manifest and, by then the persons that currently enable deployment of the insufficiently tested radiation-emitting 5G technology will be either retired or, proverbially, “six feet under”.


4 thoughts on “Leszczynski: Report from the AOCRP-5, Melbourne, Australia

  1. You are talking COMPLETE NONSENSE when you accuse me by stating:
    “Everyone knows that ionizing radiation is harmful, so the hidden assumption is that non-ionizing radiation is not harmful.”
    The PROBLEM is that many activists mix-up ionizing and non-ionizing radiation and incorrectly imply that non-ionizing radiation is a dangerous as ionizing. This is incorrect way of dealing with radiation and its effects.
    Lastly, I feel personally offended by the suggestion that I would deliberately present “hidden assumption is that non-ionizing radiation is not harmful.”
    Complete nonsense and outright amateurish mumbojumbo.

  2. In the above report as in many other reports I see that a distinction is made between ionizing radiation and non-ionizing radiation. Everyone knows that ionizing radiation is harmful, so the hidden assumption is that non-ionizing radiation is not harmful. This is misleading. In reality antennas (such as used for wireless communication) don’t emit radiation at all. Around them there is an electromagnetic field (EMF) with separate electric and magnetic field components and only in the far field one can speak of radiation, but that is radiation with very special properties. What should be compared with one another is ionizing radiation (X-rays) with EMF (wireless communication). For a detailed explanation see: https://www.stopumts.nl/pdf/Man-made%20and%20Natural%20EMF%20EMR.pdf

  3. Marko, I have no idea why you have problem… others do not… D

  4. Dariusz, I tried to send the comment twice and was kicked out.
    What is wrong with this site?
    Marko Markov

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