Call for the continuation of the funding for the EMF-Portal

As of November 2017, the funding for the work of the scientific database EMF-Portal has ended. This means that the EMF-Portal, an important source of information for anyone interested and involved in the EMF research, is getting fast outdated.

If you consider EMF-Portal as an important part of the EMF research arena, please, send a formal letter of support to Sarah Drießen ( of the EMF-Portal, urging the funding agencies to provide grants for continuation of the work of this important scientific database

I did it and I urge anyone involved in EMF research to do so ASAP.



6 thoughts on “Call for the continuation of the funding for the EMF-Portal

  1. The EMF-Portal is once again importing studies in the RF range.
    The funding crisis seems to be on hold.

  2. Meike, you are correct… Indeed the lack of funding concerns only RF and mobile communication: “we unfortunately have to suspend the import of new articles regarding radio frequency and mobile communications as of now (November 27, 2017)”

  3. Further details on “Costs & Funding” say the following: ” However, because the debate in Germany about electromagnetic fields in the radio frequency area has greatly decreased, unfortunately we no longer have the same financial resources at our disposal as in previous years.

    We can therefore no longer import new articles about radio frequency and mobile communications and hope that in the future we will be able to find a solution”

    ……and they are calling for donations to enable the work to continue.

    Sadly, the people I talk to here in Germany seem largely uninterested, preferring to accept any risk associated with current telecomms trends. And 5G and radar-based automotive assistance systems aren’t even on the amp yet.

  4. I thought this is only true for the RF-EMF part!?
    I agree that a small team not involved in research cannot provide recommendations related to health risks etc.

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