Leszczynski: Free Public Lecture at Griffith University, Brisbane, Australia

In conjunction with my annual visit to Australia, this time to present a key-note presentation at the meeting of the Australasian Radiation Protection Society, I will also present:

Free Public Lecture – Thursday 17 August 2017 @ 6:00 pm

Global Expansion of the Wireless: The 5G dive into the great unknown

by Adj. Prof. Dariusz Leszczynski, University of Helsinki, Finland

In 2011, I was one of the 30 invited experts who classified radiation emitted by the wireless communication devices (WCD) as possible human carcinogen. Since that time several new studies have been published and the current scientific evidence suggests that the radiation emitted by the current WCD could be re-classified as probable human carcinogen. This evidence of health risk indicates that the current safety limits are insufficient to protect all users of the WCD.

Besides carcinogenicity there are numerous other health ailments suspected to be caused by exposures to radiation emitted by the WCD. However, limitations in the design of many studies makes it very difficult to draw final conclusions.

In this situation of scientific uncertainty about the health impact of the current WCD, a change is looming. It is the introduction of the 5th Generation (5G) of the WCD that will facilitate the development of the Internet of Things (IoT).

The 5G technology will be a giant leap for the technological development but, even more, it will be a giant leap into completely unknown and un-researched area of human health impact.

Radiation emitted by the 5G technology, the millimeter waves, is different from the current WCD radiation in the manner how it penetrates and interacts with the human body. We have no scientific knowledge at all how millimeter wave radiation, that will soon become omnipresent in our homes, cities and countryside, will in short- and long-term impact human health. Will it impact or will it not impact, this is the question to which we do not have any answer. The only answer from the industry is that 5G will emit low power radiation. But, in the past, we were also assured that the current WCD, emitting low power radiation, will not have any impact on health. This, it turns out, was an incorrect assumption.

In this situation of the scientific uncertainty of the highest degree, it is prudent to call for a wide-ranging use of the Precautionary Principle and to call for a temporary moratorium on introduction of 5G and IoT, until appropriate human volunteer and animal toxicology studies are executed.


3 thoughts on “Leszczynski: Free Public Lecture at Griffith University, Brisbane, Australia

  1. This sounds great Dariusz, will be attending and looking forward to meeting you.

  2. I read a little spat between two knowledgeable people about 5G and this is my comment.
    I do not claim to be the expert, just using what I have read and some logic and open to correction.

    5G WILL be using a number of different frequencies, some of them in the low Gigahertz range and some in the higher range.
    The higher the frequency the steeper the ‘attenuation gradient” [my words]. This means that in air the radiation decreases over distance at a rate that is generally calculable using the inverse square law. But if you add an obstacle such as a tree then the power of the radiation is reduced at a higher rate as the energy is absorbed by the leaves. [steeper attenuation gradient]
    The University of Surrey, UK, did an experiment that revealed that at 1800MHz the attenuation in body tissue was 2 dB per centimeter of depth. In other words an “attenuation gradient” of 2dB/cm

    The Active Denial System, a high power RF device is used for crowd control. It operates a 90GHz but only penetrates a few millimeter and therefore heats up the skin to an uncomfortable level causing the targeted recipient to retreat. Such high frequencies whether a weapon or a cell phone antenna will be almost completely absorbed by our skin. So this is the answer when considering how the upper frequencies of 5G will affect the population!

    The demonstration I watched had the reporter looking directly at the radiation source [the ADS vehicle], while his skin was being momentarily cooked. I wonder how much damage might have been done to his eyes?

    5G upper frequencies will not have the energy to heat the skin but the same long term health concerns apply as for currently used frequencies in the lower Gigahertz range. There is therefore good reason to believe that over time there will be biological harm.

    At a meeting a few months ago in answer to a question by the activist Davna Tachnova a member of the FCC stated something to the effect – “But we are putting the 5G antennae closer together to reduce the radiation levels !!!! You do not have to be a mind reader to guess by his attitude that he would have loved to add the words “you stupid woman!”

    But not so in my opinion, the antennae using the higher frequencies are closer together simply because higher frequencies do not travel well and any change in weather conditions, fog, rain, snow will increase path losses [steepen the attenuation gradient] and the power output of the antennae must be sufficiently high to assure that the signal reaches its target under all weather conditions.

    So where is the claimed / suggested improved safety for people living close to the antennae which I have read will need to be installed outside every twelfth house simply because each has such a short reach due to the steeper “attenuation gradient” of these higher frequencies?

    As a friend, retired Professor of Oncology stated when informed of the multi-gigahertz radiation “More skin cancer in the future Dave?”
    Certainly looks like it!
    Dave Miles
    Cape Town

  3. Have not been able to promote any interest in bioeffect research in the 5G frequency band.
    Take care and best wishes,

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